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Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 7/20/24 10:01AM MDT)

Downhill trails are strictly downhill travel only, no hiking allowed.

  • Upper Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Middle Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Lower Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Wildcat: OPEN
  • Grouse: OPEN
  • High Voltage: OPEN
  • Lower Hidden Valley: OPEN
  • Upper Hidden Valley: OPEN
  • Zorro: OPEN

All XC Bike Trails are also open to Hikers. Please Be Aware of Other Users.

  • Greenhorn: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Hammerhead: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Roller Coaster: OPEN
  • Thorn Creek: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Growler: OPEN
  • Lakeview Vista: OPEN
  • Rock Garden: OPEN
  • Baby Bear: OPEN
  • Black Bear: CLOSED (Rebuild)

Closed-toe shoes recommended! There are currently no dog friendly trails open.

  • Hidden Valley Overlook: OPEN
  • Lookout Trail: CLOSED (Under Construction)
  • Cat Track (Mountain Road): OPEN

10AM - 4:30PM

  • Bluebird Express OPEN

The Easy Street 9 is available for preview play. Signage and course maintenance are on-going. Please use UDISC App to navigate the course.

  • Easy Street 9 OPEN
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US Forest Service Accepts Brundage Mountain Master Development Plan

Brundage News &
Mountain Blog

US Forest Service Accepts Brundage Mountain Master Development Plan


On June 1, 2023, the Payette National Forest officially accepted the 2022 Brundage Mountain Master Development Plan (MDP). We made the Community Fact Sheet below to help our community members, stakeholders and friends understand why we created this Master Plan, what it does (and doesn’t do), and to give the people who care about Brundage Mountain a way to talk to us about the future of our ski area.

Brundage Mountain Resort 2022 Master Development Plan: Community Fact Sheet

Over the past two years, Brundage Mountain Resort has been hard at work with our partners at the Payette National Forest to put together a master plan that will shape the next ten years of development at our mountain. 

What is a Master Plan, and why do we have one?

Why are we completing a Master Development Plan?

Brundage is a privately owned and operated business that, like many ski resorts, operates on lands managed by the US Forest Service. A “Special Use Permit” or SUP is required to operate on these public lands.

    • As a requirement of the SUP, a Master Development Plan or MDP is a planning process resorts go through to make sure we are being thoughtful stewards of the public lands we operate on and to illustrate our vision for the next decade.
    • The Forest Service accepting the MDP does not mean that the planned projects are approved; environmental studies of potential impacts are needed prior to implementation as regulated by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Brundage Mountain’s MDP

So, what does our MDP say?

    • The planning process starts with a vision statement that describes how we see ourselves, what is important to our guests and what makes our resort special.
        • Our vision is ‘To maintain [Brundage Mountain’s] strong local vibe and continue providing an affordable, accessible, family-friendly skiing experience.’
        • From this vision, we crafted our goals: ‘Future resort planning will preserve and enhance the attributes that make Brundage “The Last Great Place,” and will expand the year-round recreational experience.’
    • Once the vision has been set, the Master Planning process looks at the ‘existing conditions’ of the resort.
        • We found a need for more on-mountain food service facilities and more beginner/novice and advanced terrain and circulation routes.
    • The last part of the MDP process is planning future changes to our resort. The projects are concepts that could be analyzed and implemented in the next decade. These concepts are designed to address problems found with the existing conditions, as well as to move us towards fulfilling our vision.
    • Major planned projects include:
        • We plan to replace Centennial Lift with a high-speed quad. This will help people get up the mountain faster and take demand off of the Bluebird Lift.
        • We plan to revitalize the base village to improve the arrival and experience of our guests.
        • We’re planning to do various utility improvements and upgrades, including expanding our snowmaking. This will make the mountain run better.
        • We plan to expand on-mountain food offerings. This would let more skiers get lunch while staying on the mountain and enjoy the mountain vistas.
        • The Sargents Pod is planned to provide access to new intermediate and advanced skiing and a novice circulation route to the base area.
        • We want to expand our summer offerings to build on the robust summer demand in the McCall area.

The detailed findings of the MDP can be found online here: Brundage Mountain Resort 2022 Master Development Plan (PDF)

What’s Next?

The next step is to analyze projects in our MDP through the NEPA process.

The NEPA process is designed to make sure that actions taken by federal agencies or on federal land consider the environmental effect of those actions.

    • Planned projects will go through one of three NEPA processes: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Assessment (EA) or a Categorical Exclusion.
        • Public comment periods are part of the EIS and EA processes that you’ll be able to participate in. Stakeholders will be notified of these comment periods via mail or email, as well as public notices posted in local publications and online.
    • Once a project is approved through the NEPA process, it can be implemented by the resort at our expense.

Community Voice

Brundage Mountain has always been part of McCall’s community, and we want our community to have a voice in our future planning. We want your thoughts and support as we take on an exciting new phase in our development.

We want to know:

        • Do you have any questions about this process or our plan that we can answer?
        • Which of these projects do you think we should pursue first?
        • Do you see any problems with these projects as they are planned?
        • How will these projects affect you or groups that you’re a part of?
        • What can we do to make sure any problems that you foresee are resolved?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!



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