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Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 7/20/24 10:01AM MDT)

Downhill trails are strictly downhill travel only, no hiking allowed.

  • Upper Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Middle Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Lower Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Wildcat: OPEN
  • Grouse: OPEN
  • High Voltage: OPEN
  • Lower Hidden Valley: OPEN
  • Upper Hidden Valley: OPEN
  • Zorro: OPEN

All XC Bike Trails are also open to Hikers. Please Be Aware of Other Users.

  • Greenhorn: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Hammerhead: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Roller Coaster: OPEN
  • Thorn Creek: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Growler: OPEN
  • Lakeview Vista: OPEN
  • Rock Garden: OPEN
  • Baby Bear: OPEN
  • Black Bear: CLOSED (Rebuild)

Closed-toe shoes recommended! There are currently no dog friendly trails open.

  • Hidden Valley Overlook: OPEN
  • Lookout Trail: CLOSED (Under Construction)
  • Cat Track (Mountain Road): OPEN

10AM - 4:30PM

  • Bluebird Express OPEN

The Easy Street 9 is available for preview play. Signage and course maintenance are on-going. Please use UDISC App to navigate the course.

  • Easy Street 9 OPEN
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  • Tuesday: 86°
  • Tuesday Night: 67°
  • Wednesday: 85°
  • Wednesday Night: 63°
  • Thursday: 79°
  • Thursday Night: 55°
Grooming Report

Grooming Report

Last Updated 4/21/24 7:27PM MDT

Lift & Zone Status

Printable Report

Front Side Zone

  • Blue Bird Express


    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Centennial Express


    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Beartopia Zone

  • Easy Street Triple Chair Lift


    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Bear Chair


    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Easy Rider Conveyor


    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Lakeview Zone

  • Lakeview Triple


    9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Hidden Valley Zone

  • Hidden Valley


    The Ridge closes at 3:15. Click Trail Status for Open Runs

Trail Status

Front Side Zone
Main Street Blue Closed
North Blue Closed
Upper Alpine Blue Closed
Lower Alpine Blue Closed
Engen Blue Closed
45th Parallel Blue Closed
Sidewinder Blue Closed
Stair Step Black Closed
Rodeo Blue Closed
Lower Rodeo Blue Closed
Northwoods Way Green Closed
Upper Slobovia Blue Closed
Judd's Gem Blue Closed
Ranger Trail Black Closed
The Face Black Closed
Beeline Black Closed
Warren's Way Black Closed
Skid Row Black Closed
Easy Way Green Closed
Meadow Bowl Black Closed
Swinger Black Closed
Stump Blue Closed
Dixie Black Closed
Sensation Blue Closed
Celebration Blue Closed
Temptation Green Closed
Boydstun Lane Green Closed
Johnny's Glade Black Closed
Cat Track Green Closed
Centennial Lane Green Closed
Lakeview Ridge Green Closed
North of North Black Closed
NW Passage Black Closed
The Slots Black Closed
Lower Slots Black Closed
Slots Gulley Black Closed
Valley Girl Black Closed
Beartopia Zone
Bear Green Closed
Bear Terrain Park Freestyle Closed
Jammer Terrain Park Freestyle Closed
Griz Green Closed
Badger Blue Closed
Red Fox Green Closed
Chipmunk Green Closed
Race Course Black Closed
Slot Car Blue Closed
Rappel Black Closed
Skidaddle Black Closed
Tater Tot Green Closed
Easy Street Green Closed
Roller Coaster Terrain Park Freestyle Closed
French Fry Green Closed
Pizza Pie Green Closed
Lakeview Zone
Kickback Blue Closed
Springboard Blue Closed
Hot Shot Blue Closed
Dropline Blue Closed
Dobber's Dream Black Closed
Hidden Valley Zone
Goat Trail Black Closed
The Ridge - Upper Hidden Road Black Closed
South Nozzle Black Closed
North Nozzle Black Closed
Terminator Black Closed
North Boundary Trail Black Closed
Dry Fly Black Closed
Hippie Flats Black Closed
Funnel Black Closed
Hey Diddle Diddle Black Closed
Aspen Patch Black Closed
Chinook Chute Black Closed

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