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Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 9/21/22 10:28AM MDT)

The BlueBird Express Runs 10 am - 4:30 pm Wednesdays through Sundays

  • Upper Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Middle Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Lower Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Wildcat: CLOSED
  • Grouse: CLOSED
  • High Voltage: CLOSED
  • Lower Hidden Valley: CLOSED
  • Upper Hidden Valley: CLOSED
  • Zorro: CLOSED

All XC Bike Trails are also open to Hikers. Please Be Aware of Other Users.

  • Greenhorn: CLOSED
  • Hammerhead: CLOSED
  • Roller Coaster: CLOSED
  • Thorn Creek: CLOSED
  • Black Bear: CLOSED
  • Growler: CLOSED
  • Lakeview Vista: CLOSED
  • Rock Garden: CLOSED

Closed-toe shoes recommended! Dogs on Designated Trails Only (Must be on leash at all times)

  • Base Area Nature Trail: CLOSED
  • Hidden Valley Overlook: CLOSED
  • Lookout Trail: CLOSED
  • Black Bear: CLOSED
  • South Lodge Lane (Mountain Road): CLOSED

Open 10 am - 4:30 pm during Operating Days. Last ride up at 4:15 pm.

  • Bluebird Express CLOSED

Come check out the new routing of the Easy Street 9

  • Easy Street 9 CLOSED
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Uphill Travel Policy

Uphill Travel Policy

Know the Rules


BMR Uphill Travel Policy

It is your responsibility to read through the entire Uphill Travel Policy and adhere to the guidelines if you plan to travel uphill at Brundage Mountain Resort.

  • Non-motorized Uphill Travel is authorized between the hours of 4:30pm – 9:00 am
  • Please Park at the NORTHWEST edge of Upper parking lot
    • Opposite of the Blue Bird Express, near the uphill kiosk location
    • Kiosk is located at bottom of Lower Rodeo
  • NO DOGS EVER! (sorry, it’s not the dogs, it’s the irresponsible owners and our motorized vehicles operating)
  • Reflective clothing and a headlamp are strongly recommended.
  • Utilize Approved Uphill Routes Only – (AS YOU ARE LOOKING UPHILL):
    • Left Groomed Edge of Lower/Upper Rodeo
    • Left Groomed Edge of North
    • Left Groomed Edge of Lower/Upper Alpine
    • Left Groomed Edge of Main Street
  • Approved Devices: Skis, Splitboards, Skins, and Snowshoes ONLY
  • Turn-around time is at 9:00 am SHARP.
    • When going downhill, you must remain off-piste between North and Alpine only. DO NOT ski down the groomed section of runs.
    • All terrain North of North is off limits and subject to avalanche mitigation
  • Obey all posted restrictions at Kiosk
  • Failure to abide by all uphill travel policies can result in loss of your Brundage skiing privileges and/or prosecution with the U.S.F.S. Please be a good steward of this program for everyone.
  • Patrol services are not available outside our operating hours. In the event of an emergency or injury call 911.

Thank You!

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Brundage Mountain recognizes the enthusiasm of the public to use this area for pursuits other than downhill skiing and seeks to strike a balance between that desire and the significant safety concerns posed by non-motorized uphill travel within ski area boundaries.

Operational in-season Usage:  Resort typically opens Mid-November and Closes Mid-April. Non-Motorized uphill travel is generally allowed from 4:30pm to 9:00am.  Prior to opening day full closures may be implemented due to maintenance and grooming operations. These closures will be posted at the kiosk.

Uphill travelers are expected to sign in at the Uphill Travel kiosk EVERY TIME YOU CLIMB, even pre- and post-ski season, and to read and obey any notices posted in this location. Dogs are not allowed on the mountain. The Uphill Travel kiosk is located at the northwestern edge of the upper parking lot, near the pet area and at the bottom of Lower Rodeo. This is also a great place to park, as it allows our snowplows to continue clearing the main part of the lot.

Non-motorized uphill travel is allowed only in designated areas. Rodeo, North, Mainstreet, and Alpine are the approved uphill routes. BMR asks that uphill traffic restrict itself to the left groomed edge of these runs, as you are looking uphill. Please always yield to and avoid all mountain machinery and follow the Skiers Responsibility Code.

Downhill travel is expected to be off-piste whenever possible, utilizing the terrain between North and Alpine. Avoid skiing/riding on groomed surfaces whenever possible.

These policies are necessary to allow for both non-motorized uphill travel and Brundage Mountain Resort to do business in a safe environment.  BMR passholders who violate these policies risk the suspension of skiing privileges. Non-season pass holders may be prosecuted for trespassing and banned from the resort grounds.

Off Season Usage: Before Mid-November and after Mid-April, Non-motorized uphill travel is not restricted to the four in-season routes, and downhill travel can occur across the entire mountain. Please Sign IN at the kiosk. Be aware that during these times you may still encounter groomers, snowmobiles, and other vehicle/hazards.  Be safe and stay alert!

The Brundage Mountain base area is on private property and the ski area operates under a special use permit with the US Forest Service.

Updated 11.14.2020

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