Due to ongoing construction in the base area parking lot and lodge, Brundage is currently closed to all travel. ×
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Base 23°
Summit 17°
Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 11/30/23 12:16PM MST)
Snow Report
New Snow Since 4:30 PM Base: -- Lakeview: --
Base (6,050')
  • 24 Hours: 0"
  • 48 Hours: 0"
  • 72 Hours: 0"
  • 1 Week: 0"
Lakeview (7,400')
  • 24 Hours: 0"
  • 48 Hours: 0"
  • 72 Hours: 0"
  • 1 Week: 0"
Snow Depths
  • Base: 0"
  • Lakeview: 0"
  • Summit: 0"
  • Total Season Snowfall (Base): 12"
  • Total Season Snowfall (Lakeview): 21"
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Extended Forecast
  • Overnight: 21°
  • Friday: 24°
  • Friday Night: 24°
  • Saturday: 27°
  • Saturday Night: 27°
  • Sunday: 35°
  • Sunday Night: 32°
Summer Mountain Safety

Summer Mountain Safety

Brundage Mountain is committed to your safety. Our mountain patrol members are trained to national standards and patrol the Brundage Mountain Bike Park every day it’s open.

Our mountain patrol team enforces the Code of Responsibility, which is posted below as well as on the mountain.

In Case of Emergency:

Call patrol at 208-315-0817 during operating hours or call 9-1-1

Please Note:
Mountain Bikers must wear helmets and close-toed shoes.
Brundage Mountain has a strict Kids on Lifts policy to ensure the safety of children. See below.
We will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for guests with disabilities. Please call Guest Services (208-634-4151) or email [email protected] at least 48 hours in advance to discuss what accommodations you may need.
Lift operators, mountain patrol, and Brundage staff may deny service to any guest at their discretion.
These guidelines and decisions are made for the safety of our guests and staff.

Kids on Lifts

Please note: Transporting a child in a backpack, front pack or car seat on any chairlift at Brundage Mountain Resort is prohibited. Any child or person riding a chairlift at Brundage Mountain Resort must have sufficient ability to ride the lift and be familiar with proper loading, riding, and unloading practices and behavior. Any child riding the lift must be able to listen, understand, and appropriately respond to commands from Brundage Mountain lift operators and mountain patrol. We do not allow children to ride on our mountain bike trails in bike trailers or bike seats, including shotgun seats. One body per bike, no exceptions.

Summer Dog Policy

Brundage Mountain Resort is dog friendly, however, dogs and pets are only allowed in base area. Dogs must always be on a leash for the safety of all resort guests.  Owners must clean up after pets. No dogs on trails or mountain roads. Leashed dogs are welcome at our Free Music Events, there is a dog zone towards the rear of the Amphitheater Venue.

Dogs are not allowed on the chairlift under any circumstances. This includes service dogs. The only exception is for evacuation-trained patrol dogs. 

Drones are Prohibited at Brundage Mountain

Drones or model aircraft piloted by guests, commercial operators, or the media are prohibited at Brundage Mountain Resort. You can view our full drone policy here.

Download the AirFlare Rescue App: 

It’s free and can help our Mountain Patrol locate you if you’re lost or hurt!


The Brundage Mountain trail system consists of more than 30 miles of hiking, downhill mountain biking and cross-country trails. Some trails are designated exclusively for downhill mountain biking, for the safety of all guests. Many of the trails are multi-use, which means you are likely to encounter other people using the trails differently than you are.

Here are a few safety and etiquette reminders to ensure that we can all continue to enjoy this beautiful trail system safely and sustainably:


  1. Hikers are not allowed on downhill bike trails.
  2. Downhill hikers should yield to uphill hikers (Mountain bikers should yield to hikers regardless of direction of travel)
  3. Dogs are allowed only on designated dog-friendly trails, must be leashed at all times, and humans must always clean up after pets.


  1. Absolutely NO uphill riding on downhill trails.
  2. Mountain Bikers should yield to hikers on shared use trails.
  3. Downhill mountain bikers yield to uphill mountain bikers on XC trails.
  4. No tailgating while riding uphill. Give other uphill traffic space even if you are a faster climber.
  5. Be nice, say, “Hi!”. A simple hello will let other riders know you are there.


Mountain Bikers must wear helmets and close-toed shoes



Pack it in, pack it out (Trash, food waste, pet waste).
Stay on the trail to avoid damaging the surrounding environment.
Please do not add or take away from rock cairns.


This is black bear country. Here are a few tips to help you avoid unwanted bear encounters:

  1. Avoid hiking at dawn or dusk. That’s when bears are most active.
  2. Hike in a group and stay close together; groups of four or more are less likely to be attacked.
  3. Make noise as you hike in order not to surprise a bear.
  4. Carry bear spray.

Brundage Mountain is also home to deer, elk, grouse and other forest creatures. It’s important to keep dogs on designated trails and on leash at all times. Dogs that chase wildlife can get lost and injured and wildlife should not be disturbed in their natural habitat. NEVER feed any wild animals.

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