BMR Summer Access Update - 6/1/23 - All Trails and Mountain roads are currently closed to public access. ×
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Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 5/26/23 10:55AM MDT)

Summer opening day: June 16. The BlueBird Express Runs 10 am - 4:30 pm Wednesdays through Sundays

  • Upper Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Middle Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Lower Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Wildcat: CLOSED
  • Grouse: CLOSED
  • High Voltage: CLOSED
  • Lower Hidden Valley: CLOSED
  • Upper Hidden Valley: CLOSED
  • Zorro: CLOSED

All XC Bike Trails are also open to Hikers. Please Be Aware of Other Users.

  • Greenhorn: CLOSED
  • Hammerhead: CLOSED
  • Roller Coaster: CLOSED
  • Thorn Creek: CLOSED
  • Black Bear: CLOSED
  • Growler: CLOSED
  • Lakeview Vista: CLOSED
  • Rock Garden: CLOSED

Closed-toe shoes recommended! Dogs on Designated Trails Only (Must be on leash at all times)

  • Base Area Nature Trail: CLOSED
  • Hidden Valley Overlook: CLOSED
  • Lookout Trail: CLOSED
  • Black Bear: CLOSED
  • South Lodge Lane (Mountain Road): CLOSED

Open 10 am - 4:30 pm during Operating Days. Last ride up at 4:15 pm.

  • Bluebird Express CLOSED

Come check out the new routing of the Easy Street 9

  • Easy Street 9 CLOSED
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  • Monday: 67°
  • Monday Night: 50°
Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks

Brundage Mountain offers a variety of terrain parks and features to accommodate a wide range of ability levels and different styles of freestyle riding.


Currently we offer two terrain parks with features ranging from small/medium to medium/large. View our Snow Report for daily park updates. Our terrain park crew will build additional parks and/or features as conditions allow.

Get started on the small/medium features to build your skills, confidence and understanding of Smart Style safety rules. Once you’ve done that, move up to the larger features. Taking on the right challenges at the right time is one of the keys to shredding happiness. And have fun!

Brundage Mountain terrain parks

Smart Style

Smart Style

No one likes to be cut off in the park. There are three main messages that are associated with Smart Style.

  • Look before you leap.
  • Easy Style It – Start small and work your way up.
  • Respect Gets Respect – From the lift line through the park.

Check out this video to understand each of these concepts in action:

Park Etiquette

Park Etiquette

Terrain park etiquette that users should be aware of includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Trail ratings do not apply to terrain features.
  • You are the sole judge of your ability. Know your limitations and ride within them.
  • Terrain feature shapes and surfaces change with the weather and use. Use spotters when landing area is not visible. -Do not stop on landing areas.
  • Use of terrain features can be dangerous. The rider assumes all risks of injury or death.
  • Inverted aerial maneuvers are not recommended.

Freestyle Terrain

Freestyle Terrain

  • Freestyle Terrain contains man-made and natural terrain variations.
  • Freestyle Terrain changes constantly due to weather and use.
  • Inspect Freestyle Terrain before using and throughout the day.
  • In jumping and using this terrain, there are risks of serious injury.
  • Be courteous and respect others.
  • One user on a terrain feature at a time.
  • Never jump blindly – use a spotter when necessary. Look before you leap.
  • Use the features responsibly: control your body on the ground and in the air.
  • Always clear the landing area quickly.
  • Always ride or ski in control and within your ability.
  • Aerial somersaulting maneuvers are not recommended.
  • Please do not sit or stand on the features.
  • Please do not block the paths to the features.

Freestyle Terrain Users Guide Terrain Park Safety Facts & Tips Ski or ride safely: Know the Code!

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