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Mountain Safety for Summer

Summer Mountain Safety

Brundage Mountain is committed to your safety. Our mountain patrol members are trained to national standards and patrol the Brundage Mountain Bike Park every day it’s open.

In addition, our mountain patrol enforces the Code of Responsibility, which is posted below as well as on the mountain. In addition, Mountain Bikers must wear helmets and close-toed shoes.

In Case of Emergency:

Call patrol at 208-315-0817 during operating hours – or – call 9-1-1

Please note: Transporting a child in a backpack, front pack or car seat on any chairlift at Brundage Mountain Resort is prohibited. Any child or person riding a chairlift at Brundage Mountain Resort must have sufficient ability to ride the lift, and be familiar with proper loading, riding and unloading practices and behavior. We do not allow children to ride on our mountain bike trails in bike trailers or bike seats, including shotgun seats. One body per bike, no exceptions.

Drones or model aircraft use by guests, commercial operators, or the media is prohibited at Brundage Mountain Resort. You can view our full drone policy here.

Summer Dog Policy

Brundage Mountain Resort is dog friendly, however, dogs must always be on a leash for the safety of all resort guests. Dogs and pets are only allowed in designated areas. Owners must clean-up after pets.

Designated Pet Drop Zone Locations:

  • Northwest section of main parking lot – look for the large “Pet Area” sign

Dog friendly trails:

  • Nature Trail
  • Greenhorn
  • Hammerhead
  • Thorn Creek

Download the AirFlare Rescue App: 

It’s free and can help Ski Patrol locate you if you’re lost or hurt!


Know the Code

Mountain Bikers must wear helmets and close-toed shoes