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Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 7/20/24 10:01AM MDT)

Downhill trails are strictly downhill travel only, no hiking allowed.

  • Upper Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Middle Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Lower Elk Trail: OPEN
  • Wildcat: OPEN
  • Grouse: OPEN
  • High Voltage: OPEN
  • Lower Hidden Valley: OPEN
  • Upper Hidden Valley: OPEN
  • Zorro: OPEN

All XC Bike Trails are also open to Hikers. Please Be Aware of Other Users.

  • Greenhorn: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Hammerhead: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Roller Coaster: OPEN
  • Thorn Creek: OPEN (leashed dogs OK)
  • Growler: OPEN
  • Lakeview Vista: OPEN
  • Rock Garden: OPEN
  • Baby Bear: OPEN
  • Black Bear: CLOSED (Rebuild)

Closed-toe shoes recommended! There are currently no dog friendly trails open.

  • Hidden Valley Overlook: OPEN
  • Lookout Trail: CLOSED (Under Construction)
  • Cat Track (Mountain Road): OPEN

10AM - 4:30PM

  • Bluebird Express OPEN

The Easy Street 9 is available for preview play. Signage and course maintenance are on-going. Please use UDISC App to navigate the course.

  • Easy Street 9 OPEN
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  • Wednesday Night: 63°
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Mountain First

Mountain First

The Mountain.

What is it to YOU? A place to recreate? To reconnect with nature? To Relax? To explore new horizons or follow familiar trails? A place to get away? Or to find yourself?

Brundage is more than a place, it has SPIRIT and INTEGRITY which the stewards of the mountain intend to protect so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. The cherished moments recreating and the pure beauty of the mountain are guiding the vision for the future of Brundage Mountain.

Mountain First

As Brundage Mountain Resort writes the next chapter of its story, one thing is certain: the main character will not change. The Mountain – as you know it, in its own way – will remain the same and always comes first. 

Mountain Always

Preserving and showcasing the spirit of the mountain is in the forefront of every decision made as the future of Brundage develops. The design of buildings artfully blend into the scenery with a mountain modern aesthetic. These nature-forward designs and plans work in harmony with the surroundings and highlight what’s already there: A gathering place to make memories amid the beauty of nature.

A New Brand, A New Logo

Brundage’s prior logo, although full of nostalgia and character, didn’t reflect the simplicity and laid-back nature of the mountain or the intention to stay true to the roots as thoughtful development takes place. The need for an unspoiled and iconic logo was needed to represent Brundage appropriately.

A Logo was created to match our vision for the future and place the mountain in the starring role.

The triangle is a notoriously strong, stable shape. Each side braces and supports the other and the triangle can withstand tremendous pressure without collapsing or even shifting. The consistency of the on-mountain experience will continue to be a priority and a stabilizing force as Brundage Mountain navigates growth and charts a course for the future.

The brand colors reflect both Brundage’s commitment to the natural environment and the role of the loyal guests. The whites and blues of winter and greens and golds of summer are clearly inspired by nature. However, when it came to specific shades of these colors, a little bit of individuality and some vibrant energy was needed – just like guests, who bring their laughter, excitement and appreciation to the mountain for their time-tested retreat.

Clean. Classic. Unspoiled. Uncomplicated. And always, putting the Mountain First.

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