MusicalMarchSpring is coming and we are excited to celebrate the season by hosting amazing musicians every Saturday in March!

Come listen to these Idaho favorites and enjoy some epic spring days! Music is from 2-5 pm, in Smoky’s Bar & Grill (or outside if the weather is right) and is FREE!

Here’s a closer look at the great musicians headed our way: [Read more...]

monday 046006If you follow this blog, you probably know that it’s been DUMPING FOR DAYS up here at Brundage Mountain. As much as we treasure the powder, today, we found inspiration in the warmth of the sun’s rays after six straight days of storms.

Virgin white snow is still poised on the tree branches and soft, sugary snow still blankets the slopes. But instead of a frantic rush for fresh lines, today, we slowed down to enjoy the almost-forgotten views. To feel the soothing vibration of the corduroy under our feet. To notice the sparkle as sunshine reacquaints itself with the snow surface. And, of course, to relish a few forgotten freshies found along our more whimsical, more wide-eyed tour around the mountain. [Read more...]

Sunday 020030The snow gods keep showering their love down on Brundage Mountain. We’ve had another TWO FEET of fresh snow this week. Today, we got just three inches of fresh snow, but the dry, fluffy powder is far deeper and more forgiving than it might appear on the surface.

That forgiveness was a huge relief this morning, as the gods of fog were not feeling quite so benevolent. (At least not on the upper mountain). In the end, the snow gods prevailed in the epic weather battle, with snow conditions more than making up for the challenging visibility.

Here are a few snapshots to give you a feel for all the forces at work today:

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tgifpowder 229023According to Webster, happiness is “a state of well-being and contentment.” That emotional state the dictionary refers to is arguably different for everyone. Time Magazine offers a quiz you can take to tell you how happy you are (or how happy you think you are).

I don’t know much about all that, but one thing I know FOR SURE is that there have been a lot more perma-grins on display around our little mountain town in the past few weeks. A lot less frustration. A lot more giggles and laughs. And I have a theory it might have something to do with this:

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Thursday afternoons are more stylish than ever here at Brundage Mountain, thanks to the Brundage Betties.

Women 18 and up are invited to come ski or ride with with our awesome group of Betties, on and off-piste depending on conditions…however you want to spend your afternoon. Each group is organized according to skill level and will combine mild instruction with great energy to boost confidence and fun.


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PresidentsSunday 276001I have a lot of fond memories from my family ski trips growing up. Sharing laughs and smiles on the slopes, the excitement of trying new things and conquering new challenges. Time seems to melt away on the mountain, parents and children enjoying each other’s company with the pressures of daily life left far behind.

One facet of these great ski trips that I’ve tried to forget over the years is the insanely early hour my father pulled us out of bed to be 100% sure we were the early birds on the mountain.

Now that I’m grown and pursuing happiness in a mountain town, I appreciate those early wake up calls a lot more. Being early is a staple of a fulfilling ski life. Whether you’re a daily powder pig or a weekend vacationer, it’s hard to argue against an early start. Today, we run down a list of the Top 5 Reasons it Pays to Be an Early Bird:

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