Your McCall Idaho Ski Resort

Located high in the mountains of Central Idaho, Brundage Mountain is an Idaho Ski Resort best known for its powder-packed glades and luxuriously wide groomed runs. Blessed with over 320 base area inches of snowfall annually, Brundage has an undisputed reputation for the Best Snow in Idaho™.

Fall Color 00313

End Of Summer Progress Report

We’ve had an extremely productive summer working on a 3,200 square foot addition to our lodge. As we near the official beginning of the fall season, we offer this progress report on our exciting new project and what it will mean to our winter guests…

El Nino Two

What’s Up El Nino? Que Sera, Sera

Every couple years the national weather and ski blogs light up about an upcoming El Nino or La Nina event. A few brave climatologists take a stab at predicting how that will influence ski season snowfall. But what does that mean for Brundage Mountain? Follow this link for the definitive answer…