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Trail Conditions Report (Last Updated 9/21/22 10:28AM MDT)

The BlueBird Express Runs 10 am - 4:30 pm Wednesdays through Sundays

  • Upper Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Middle Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Lower Elk Trail: CLOSED
  • Wildcat: CLOSED
  • Grouse: CLOSED
  • High Voltage: CLOSED
  • Lower Hidden Valley: CLOSED
  • Upper Hidden Valley: CLOSED
  • Zorro: CLOSED

All XC Bike Trails are also open to Hikers. Please Be Aware of Other Users.

  • Greenhorn: CLOSED
  • Hammerhead: CLOSED
  • Roller Coaster: CLOSED
  • Thorn Creek: CLOSED
  • Black Bear: CLOSED
  • Growler: CLOSED
  • Lakeview Vista: CLOSED
  • Rock Garden: CLOSED

Closed-toe shoes recommended! Dogs on Designated Trails Only (Must be on leash at all times)

  • Base Area Nature Trail: CLOSED
  • Hidden Valley Overlook: CLOSED
  • Lookout Trail: CLOSED
  • Black Bear: CLOSED
  • South Lodge Lane (Mountain Road): CLOSED

Open 10 am - 4:30 pm during Operating Days. Last ride up at 4:15 pm.

  • Bluebird Express CLOSED

Come check out the new routing of the Easy Street 9

  • Easy Street 9 CLOSED
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Family-Friendly Ski Adventures at Brundage Mountain

Brundage News &
Mountain Blog

Family-Friendly Ski Adventures at Brundage Mountain


Beartopia…and Beyond

Well-known philosopher George Santayana once said, “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces”. In this day and age, getting your family out to enjoy nature can seem like a monumental task.

That’s especially true when it comes to winter recreation, where the right timing, the right gear and the right attitudes can make or break a family’s day.

That’s exactly why it’s important to choose your adventures wisely, and why Brundage Mountain’s Beartopia Fun Zone is such an exceptional choice for families learning to ski and snowboard.

Here are a few reasons why:

CONVENIENCE: From Tater Tot to Terrain Parks, the Beartopia Fun Zone Has it All in One Convenient Spot

The layout of the Brundage Mountain base area is ideal for families. First-timers will want to start their ski or snowboard journey on the Easy Rider conveyor. This step-on, slide-off conveyor lift helps even the tiniest adventurers get to the top of the gently-sloping Tater Tot ski trail. This wide open run gives beginners the chance to get a feel for their skis and boards and practice stopping and turning without worrying about picking up too much speed.

Once your crew has mastered the Tator Tot scene, the next logical step is to head to the Easy Street run, conveniently located right next to Tater Tot. Easy Street delivers you to a triple chairlift that serves five different beginner runs that offer a perfect playground for first-time and developing beginner skiers. 

Before you load the chairlift, make sure your crew is familiar with how to ride the lift safely. This video from the Brundage Ski + Ride School offers some handy tips. 

If your kids are little, it can take several days to master the Easy Street part of the Beartopia Zone. Once you’re ready for the next steps, the Bear Chair is just the ticket. 

From Easy Street, it’s an easy Cat Track cruise to get to the Bear Chair. This triple chair takes you to a mid-mountain level and accesses 16 different runs.

View the Beartopia Trail Map

Most of the runs are “green circle” or beginner runs, and as any ski instructor will tell you, the length of these runs is perfect for teaching kids. Long enough to build skills and muscle memory, but not so long that kids get intimidated or scared.

The Bear Chair runs are each a little bit different, offering just enough variety to give beginners a sense of adventure – without getting too far out of their comfort zone. The Bear Chair is also a favorite place for families with multiple levels of skiers. There are a handful of blues and blacks (and a couple of small and medium-sized terrain parks) to keep the more adventurous family members satisfied while the beginners continue to comfortably build their skills. 

On weekends and holidays, the Bear’s Den (at the top of the Bear Chair lift) offers an ideal place to grab a snack, take a break, or settle in for a tasty lunch. This mid-mountain outpost also offers adult beverages for those afternoons when parents want to take a load off but the kids’ energy is boundless. Ample outdoor seating gives you a view of the slopes below and also of the picturesque upper mountain slopes above. 

Speaking of breaks, families can also set up a ‘base camp’ in the Lower Parking Lot, right next to the beginner slopes. Leaving a bit of a gap between your tailgate and the snowfront creates a perfect tailgating zone where some of the kids (and adults, let’s be honest) can take frequent snack breaks or warm up or even take a quick nap in the car. 

GUIDANCE: Team Brundage is Here to Help 

easy street ski lessonIf all of the above seems like a lot to manage, Brundage Mountain has you covered. We (and most parents) HIGHLY recommend booking a lesson for your very first time on the slopes. For the littlest learners, the Brundage Ski + Ride School offers two types of Tiny Tracks lessons.

If you’re more of an all-in-this-together family, you’ll want to go for a “Mommy or Daddy and Me” session, where instructors will teach your child but also give you tips on how you can help them progress after the lesson.

For those whose child is more likely to thrive if Mom and Dad are out of view, you can leave it to the certified children’s specialist instructors to focus on keeping it super fun and engaging for the little ones. These two options are offered for kids 3-6 years old. Those 7 and up can choose a one-on-one coaching session, or, if some of your family members are at about the same level, up to five of you can group up with one instructor for added value and bonding time. Learn more.

The other benefit to taking a lesson (or a few lessons) is the expert advice you get from the Ski + Ride School team. They’ll help you figure out the best path forward for each family member’s ski and snowboard journey, and this friendly team smooths over the rough spots for those who might be nervous about their first time on the slopes.

But how do you start? What do you wear? And where do you go? 

This Beginner’s Ski & Ride Guide offers some helpful tips and some fun videos you can watch with your kids to help them know what to expect and get excited for your adventure together!

AFFORDABILITY: Progressive Ticket Pricing is Budget-Friendly

We get it. Outdoor adventures with little kids can be unpredictable. That’s why Brundage Mountain offers special pricing for those who don’t need an all-day ticket to all 1,920 acres at Brundage Mountain. Here’s how we break it down:

Easy Rider Conveyor: FREE for all ages

Easy Street Triple Chair: Ages 6 & under: FREE. Ages 7 & up: $10

Easy Street/Bear Chair Ticket: Ages 6 & under: FREE. Ages 7 – 12: $22. Ages 13 & up: $34

Please note: All-mountain lift tickets are also free for ages 6 & under. Just one of the ways we keep Brundage affordable for families. Another way: The super-affordable Family Season Pass. This pass is for two adults and all legal dependents. Prices for 2022/23 passes are coming out soon. Quantities are limited, so sign up for our e-mail newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss the sale.

“Mountain Mom” Susan Strayer Shares First Impressions & Tips for Families Visiting Brundage Mountain:



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