Back in Action

Back in Action


Today we opened the BlueBird Quad for the first time in 231 days. And while that time frame always seems frustratingly long, the gratification of those ‘familiar feelings’ is ALWAYS worth the wait.

I didn’t realize it, but I had missed the familiar sting of tightening a boot strap on a newly-sore shin first thing this morning. It didn’t take long for the soreness to fade as my senses were awakened to so many favorite sights, sounds and sensations.


I got some nice turns in yesterday when we opened the Bear Chair, but it wasn’t until I hit the top of the mountain today that the flame that burns inside me for Brundage Mountain was reignited for the season.


The quiet of a foggy morning.


The rugged beauty of snow-flocked trees.


The primal energy of the passionate people feeling as eager as I was for their first ride to the summit.


Cautiously picking out an early-season line. The feeling of relief when the snow is soft and forgiving, the terrain, for me, holding no surprises.


The feeling of camaraderie with those around me enjoying their own set of familiar sensations.



I’ve watched the snow fall for a couple weeks, I tested out my ‘ski legs’ yesterday. But it wasn’t until today that those familiar feelings kicked in again. The Winter People have their playground. We are back in action. And it feels amazing.

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We are now open daily for the 2016-17 season with limited grooming. We hope to open more terrain and groom more runs as soon as snow conditions permit. Check out our Snow Report page for the latest updates.