Select Card Retailers

2-day, 3-day, 4-day and 5-day Select Cards will be on sale in mid-November at our partner retailers in Boise, Eagle, Nampa, Lewiston and Moscow:

2016-17 Select Card Retailers

Downtown Boise LocationHighland Location
Boise LocationLewiston LocationNampa Location

Boise Location Eagle

If you purchased your Select Card at one of our partner retailers listed above, we suggest you register it. In case of loss or theft, we may be able to re-issue a registered card.

To register your select card, please fill out the following form:

Select Card Registration

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Remember to specify the card type: (Adult 2 day/ Adult 3 day/ Adult 4 day/ Adult 5 day/ Jr-Sr 2 day/ Jr-Sr 3 day/ Jr-Sr 4 day/ Jr-Sr 5 day).

If you purchased your Select Card at Brundage Mountain or at, it is already registered to your name and you do not need to fill out this form.