Tuning and Repairs


The Fall Lines Tune shop is located on the first floor of the main lodge, right behind the ticket windows. Stop in for a quick wax or a full-service tune anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Don’t want to miss a minute on the slopes? Drop off your gear after the lifts close and we’ll have your skis tuned and ready to go…in plenty of time for you to catch first chair the next morning.

You’ll be amazed how a well-tuned piece of equipment changes your outlook. Our newly-refurbished Fontaine stone grinder is big enough to handle even the fattest skis – up to 160 mm.

End of Season Special:

Don’t just throw your gear in the closet and hope for the best…for just $20 we’ll give your gear the special “Summerization Treatment” to keep your boards and bindings in top shape for future seasons. We wax the base with a hot iron and leave the wax to ‘seal’ and protect the base from oxidation. We’ll also turn the bindings down to release pressure on the spring and prolong the life of the bindings. Stop by the Fall Line Tunes shop to learn more.

Check out our season-long specials below. A regular coating of fresh wax makes your skis or board last longer, go faster and turn more easily. And it can also earn you free beer. What’s not to love about that?

Tuning & Repair Prices

Wax $12
Basic Tune (no grind) $39
Full Tune $59
Debur & Wax $25
New Ski Prep $20
Wax $15
Basic Tune $39
Debur & Wax $25
New Board Prep $20


Release check & adjustment $20
Mount bindings – new skis $45
Re-mount used ski $50
Major Repairs $40 per hour

2014/15 Season Specials

Blue Ribbon Special

Get a free PBR (or fountain drink, if you’d prefer) with purchase of a wax, basic tune or full tune. (Prices listed above).

Cheaper by the Dozen Wax Card – 12 Waxes for $99

Keep your turns super smooth despite changing snow conditions, or share your 12 waxes among family and friends. Punch card expires at the end of the season, but is fully transferable. Save $45!

‘Stay Tuned’ Plan – $99

A special offer for Brundage Season Pass Holders. Save $30 and keep your gear in top shape all season long. This special offer is for current season pass holders and includes: 1 full tune (complete refinishing of the base + wax), 1 basic tune (sharpening & tuning of edges + wax), 2 waxes, 1 end-of-season summerization. $129 value.

Do I Really Need to Tune My Skis?

Check out this short video to learn about the difference a good tune can make on the slopes: