The first day of the New Year usually brings hope and renewal to people’s lives.

A chance to leave small, unwanted pieces behind and adopt healthy change.

Here is my new perspective;  I love skiing powder.  Pretty simple, right? Who doesn’t?

Working in the ski industry has allowed me to ski more un-tracked lines than I probably deserve; it is what I love.

The days and weeks that produce no new snow sometimes get me down.  Not anymore.  From now on, I am looking at things from a different, more sunny perspective.  Skiing is amazing, in any condition, any terrain, any weather.  It’s with this fresh perspective that I share some of the more beautiful things I found around the mountain today.


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On the supposed last day of existence; we gain perspective.  Perspective on what we have to be grateful for.

For instance:

Powder, one of the natural wonders of the world.

Soft smooth corduroy, arguably the second best creation of man (after high speed detachable chairlifts).

More snow in the forecast and a great early start to the ski season.

Here is what we experienced out and about on the mountain, on the not-so-last-day of existence.

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With the holidays approaching and everyone frantically trying to nail down plans for this season’s festivities,  consider this: tons and tons of snow piling up on the slopes, beautiful corduroy, amazing powder.

Turkey and ham can wait, but sweet powder lines wait for no one.  Here is a brief taste of what is out there for your holiday travel enjoyment.

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Spring break. It’s a time to escape the cold, put on some flip flops and enjoy some warm sunny weather, right?  Well, at the mountain it looks a lot like Winter.  With seven inches of new snow falling in the past 24 hours and 3- 5 more in the forecast today, we are looking forward to more powder days to come.

So we will trade in our flip flops and sunglasses for  ski boots and goggles to enjoy the powder paradise on the slopes.  Below are a few photos to show you what I mean.

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This week we are looking forward to Crazy Daze and our ever growing event.. Pond Skimming!  Over the past five years we have had a lot of fun watching people skim across a 100′ pond on their skis and boards.  As we count down the days to this years Pond Skim we are taking you on a video journey of the event in years past.  Below is a video from 2007…

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With the last day of Winter upon us and Spring just ahead some of you may be looking forward to many different things.  Playing golf, planting a garden, hiking, camping and a host of other activities.

Here at the mountain we are looking forward to more “Winter” in Spring.  We have had just under 30″ of new snow this week and much more in the forecast.  Cold overnight temperatures have softened the snow and new snow is on the horizon.  Here are a few photos of today’s slopes and what you can expect from the mountain.

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