Spring break:1 One week of freedom and an opportunity to take a leave of absence from everyday life.

When you ask,  “What are you doing for Spring break?” You will get as many answers as there are people to ask.  Some say fishing, golfing, hiking, HOUSE WORK(?)… and some say: I am going skiing.

For those lucky people who decided to come skiing, they were rewarded with the spoils of the slopes.

For those on the fence of what to do with your week of freedom, here are five reasons why you should journey to the mountain.

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March 20th, openthe Spring Equinox,  is a time of rebirth.  At the mountain, that is true.  The first day of Spring has given birth to a brand new Winter.

We have received three inches of new snow in 24 hours and it continues to fall on the slopes.




Check out this forecast for the rest of the week:




Welcome back, Winter!!

Here are a few highlights of conditions today:

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With a patternskilady of warm weather this week, the snow has been making some major transitions throughout the day.

The surface snow starts cold and firm, and as the day progresses, it loosens and softens until it reaches the saturation of creamy mashed potatoes.  In this cycle, the window of opportunity for some perfect Spring-like snow is often hard to judge.

A few ways to ensure the best bang at any time of day is to follow a simple process.

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With 20 1inches of new snow fall this week, we have been living a powder lover’s dream.

Our snow depths are looking solid, with 63 inches at the base area and 94 inches at the summit.

You may be thinking, “It is the end of February,  the downhill slide to Spring. So much for the snow.”  But nothing could be further from the truth.

Statistically speaking, March is one of the snowiest months on our beautiful mountain.

That’s why we have high hopes for many more powder days this season.

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February has photodaybeen a sunny groomer skiing month.

Don’t misunderstand me, any skiing is good skiing.   But after a long spell with no new snow, the call for adventure – in soft snow between the trees – is a loud one.

The high pressure ridge that got stuck over the Central Idaho Mountains brought us many days of sunshine and put us in a freeze/thaw cycle.

This made for some leisurely cruising on the groomed runs.  But has left off-trail skiing variable, and in some spots technical.

Now, the high pressure ridge has broken, allowing a low pressure trough to enter the area.  With this comes new snow and soaring spirits.  Two inches of new snow fell last night and that has already rekindled the fire.  With more storms expected to push into the area through the weekend, the skiing passion will be fully ablaze.  Check out the upcoming forecast for the rest of the week.

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A ski lives an interesting life.

A slave to the foot, yet exists completely free.

Slipping, sliding, carving and free falling is just another day (a very good day).

At first glance it is a simple thing; wood, plastic and metal, glued and squished together.

But upon closer inspection, the complexities of emotions, feelings and thoughts that a ski summons from ones inner self, allows it to transcend physical materials into something much, much more.

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I am going to share a secret with you:  Brundage has the Best Snow in Idaho.  Wait, that secret has been out for decades now.

Five days ago, we had an amazing storm come through, dropping 12 inches of new snow on the slopes.

Since then, we have had temps well below freezing, near zero degrees.  [Read more...]

All of you jibbers, huckers and park rats out there have been asking the questions and I am here to give you the answers.  We have two parks set up, one on Bear and the other on Rodeo.

At this point, there are only rail features set up.  The amount of snow pack on the slopes will not allow for tables and step ups at this time.

There are four features on Bear. Those are a little smaller than the ones on Rodeo, where we also have four features set up. [Read more...]