For the past six days we 1have been storm riding here at the mountain.  Wind, fog and snow have been a way of life the last week.  When it was all said and done this storm cycle produced 27 inches of new snow, nearly doubling our base.  With winds gusting to nearly 50 mph and fog making visibility difficult, we were on top of the world, and almost blown off!

Today, the sun made an appearance and revealed a beautiful alpine blue sky falling over the snow packed trees.  With visibility much improved, we are able to scope out the fresh powder lines that were over looked during the storm.

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This morning, conditions at the summit were a little less than desirable.  1 A thick layer of fog wrapped the upper mountain and visibility was minimal.  Not to worry, salvation was only a cat track away.

The Bear Chair generally unloads just below the fog line.  This allows family friendly runs to remain visible and the smiles to continue even with challenging weather conditions at the summit.

Check out this photographic account of said event:

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During an inversion,photoday when the cold temperatures sink into the valleys and hold a heavy layer of fog, look to the mountains for your escape.  The temperatures are mild, the sun is shining and the blue skies display views for hundreds of miles.

Cold overnight temperatures keep the snow soft and forgiving.  As the morning sun rises, you are engulfed in a sense of joy and warmth.  A truly amazing way to get above it all.

Here are some images of what we are enjoying on the slopes today.

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closedbannerBrundage Mountain is now closed for the 2012/13 Winter Season.

Regrettably we will not be operating for any bonus weekends.  Although we have had 8 inches of new snow fall this past weekend, temperatures have been above freezing in the base area during the day.  With the forecast not looking promising, the new snow will have receded by this weekend.

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Wikipedia defines2 skiers corn snow as, “Coarse, granular wet snow. Most commonly used by skiers describing good Spring snow. Corn is the result of cycles of melting during the day and refreezing at night.”; “corn snow n. Snow that has melted and refrozen into a granular surface.”

At Brundage we define it as, “The next best thing to powder.”

It has been a Spring skiers paradise at the mountain.  Freezing temperatures in the morning giving way to temperatures in the 50s by the afternoon.  The freeze thaw cycle has been transitioning the slopes from firm and fast into carvable corn.  Here are a few images that tell the entire story.


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