treasure hunt blog 003001Have you ever been skiing down a run and notice something you have never seen before?  Even though you have skied that very same run dozens of times.  Something hidden in the trees or on a sign post that you swear was not there before, but has actually been there for years.

Here are a few of those items.  Do you know where each of these items is located?  Have you ever noticed them around the mountain?  Have you noticed others?  Please share your experiences.

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face011This week we have had just about as many different snow conditions as we have had days of new snow fall.  Everything from cold smoke to cream cheese, the variety has been endless.

The one constant;  that we are getting snow, and only snow, falling from the sky.

The snow has come in abundance, 23 inches in the past seven days.  The forecast, while not quite as cold as we would like, is calling for more snow through the weekend.

All of this new snow has allowed us to groom more runs, such as Skid Row and Rodeo.

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kelly026Winter has finally arrived!  We were all wondering when, and if, it was ever going to get here.  Although a little late, it has brought with it some magnificent, light, fluffy snow to make up for it.

We have had 11 inches of snow last week, 15 inches of new snow this week and 9 to 21 inches forecasted through the upcoming weekend.

The slopes are in prime shape right now, every turn inspiring the next.  Effortless floating and gliding, creating a bliss that only a powder day can.  It is guaranteed to put a smile (and maybe a little powder) on your face.

Check out this photo gallery and picture yourself here, consider it inspiration and a nudge to make plans to come join us on the mountain this weekend.

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photoday001It was a powder perfect day on the slopes for everyone.  We were lucky enough to have the pros from Peak Media on the scene to capture the fantastic conditions on film.  I was happy to tag along, take some photos and share the adventure of the day.

Check out these photos as the sun pops for a brief stay on the powder perfect run.



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powder1-30-14 47702410 inches of new snow fell in the past 36 hours and we are reaping the benefits.  

Soft velvety turns top to bottom and smiles from ear to ear.  

Here are some photos of current conditions on the slopes.  Check them out and make plans to head up and make some powder turns.
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Upon arriving on the slopes this morning,1 I felt I was at a loss for inspiration.  The cause: unknown. The solution: go find it.  As I booted up and contemplated which sunny slope I was going to hit first, I realized, maybe inspiration must be earned on a day like today.

Exploration. It was so simple.  Get off the beaten path and look in the places less traveled.  I decided to search out North-facing slopes in the trees.  Not just trees right off of the groomed runs, but deep into the trees.  The places that I was not sure where they led.

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How often do you wax and tune your skis or board? Have you ever wondered why it matters? As we recently learned from the pros in the Fall Line Tune shop, a full tune can make your gear feel and perform just like new:



Keep the full potential of your skis or snowboard with regular tuning and waxing. Here’s a look at the full range of tuning services we supply right here at the mountain.