Our ‘Celebrate Family Day’ tradition continued today, but sharing good times with loved ones wasn’t the only thing we had to get excited about.

The snow gods dropped another three inches of fresh, DRY snow on the mountain overnight, the perfect amount to refresh our slopes and provide soft, forgiving turns.

We have now seen two feet of snow in the last four days, and for the first time in a long time, we also saw the skies clear up and the sun peek back through.

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Snowstake3.27Just when we were beginning to think Spring was here to stay, Winter has stormed back in and refreshed our powder dreams.

Seven lovely inches fell overnight, and the snow was soft and fluffy from top to bottom right from the start. Temperatures actually dropped during the day and after a couple of dry hours this morning, the snow began to fall again.

The powder refreshed the WHOLE mountain and recharged the spirits of the powder-loving locals and spring break visitors alike. I would almost feel badly posting photos of this pristine, forgiving wonderland but for one simple fact: forecasters are calling for one to two more FEET of fresh snow by the end of the weekend. [Read more...]

SargeantsSlushshoeing 015009It’s easy to get caught up in the moment or the task at hand, even when it comes to your leisure time.

We’re searching for the untracked lines, the prime spring snow conditions or rushing to catch up (or keep up) with our friends or our schedule.

Today, we’re reminded that fighting those urges can have huge rewards. Here’s a look at what we’re missing when we don’t take a little time to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us: [Read more...]

Pondskimmer4.2011504Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 5 for our big spring fling. A whole day of lighthearted craziness culminates with our spectacular Pond Skimming competition.

You’ll roar with laughter as you watch our brave skimmers shoot the chilly 100-foot pond!  Gear up in your craziest costume to win prizes and make the most of the family-fun Poker Run, Treasure Hunt, and Kid’s Penguin Race and Photo Booth!

The Costume Contest is at 12:45 at the pond and the Pond Skimming Extravaganza starts at 1:00 pm. We’re excited to announce that we’ll have Buckskin Bible Revue playing live music after the Pond Skimming finale.

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SaturdayAirbagSunnySlush 144011

Despite a chilly start this morning, Spring Fever was running rampant at Brundage Mountain today.

We had the perfect combination of sunshine, fast, fun slopes, amazing views and some rare high-flying action from the US Airbag tour.

Slopes went from fast and firm to smooth and carvable to soft and slushtastic as the day went on. That turned smiles into giggles as outright silliness ensued.

If you weren’t here today, don’t despair. We’re expecting nearly identical conditions tomorrow. So strap on your best onesie, grab some friends and join the spring fling!

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159011As much as we love winter here in the mountains, it’s always exciting to welcome a new season.

Sometimes, Winter refuses to loosen its frigid clutch on Brundage Mountain. Other times, the spring-like weather comes at the expense of good snow conditions.

Today, we had the best of both worlds; brilliant sunshine to lift our spirits but cold temperatures to keep our slopes in prime, groomerific shape.

Here’s a look at how we welcomed the first day of spring at Brundage Mountain:

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photoday013There is nothing like skiing in the sunshine.  Gliding, carving, slicing through the blue.  Only you and the trees can comprehend the bliss and the glow.  The views are miles in all directions and the snow is smooth under foot.  Here are 15 reasons that sunshine and skiing were meant to be eternally betrothed.

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