Sustainability at Brundage

Sustainability Report

Brundage Mountain is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way. Over the past few years, the resort has worked to reduce its carbon foot print. Here’s a look at some of the changes that have had a positive impact on our operations:

fuelefficiencyFuel reduction –

Brundage Mountain has revamped its on-mountain procedures and protocol to reduce the number of snowmobiles in use from seven to four. One of the four still in use generally makes one trip per day and is merely ‘staged’ for potential use in the case a medical emergency takes place in a certain part of the mountain where snowmobile evacuation is necessary. Lift maintenance personnel are traveling the mountain on skis rather than motorized vehicles, which also has the benefit of reducing the risk of collisions with the skiing public.

Over the past three years, Brundage Mountain has replaced four older grooming machines with two newer, more fuel efficient groomers. The duo of Prinoth BR 350s have allowed Brundage to do the same amount of grooming while using less than half the fuel. The old machines used more than 40 gallons of fuel per hour, and the new machines use just 16 gallons per hour. The new machines also have higher standards for emissions.

recycleWaste reduction –

A few small changes in the products used in the lodge facilities have made a significant impact on waste at Brundage Mountain. The resort installed four Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers in its main bathrooms. These dryers use 110 volts rather than usual 220, and are able to thoroughly dry hands in just 12 seconds . Brundage was able to save several thousand dollars on paper towels, more than paying for this investment in the first year. This also had a significant impact on the amount of waste that needed to be hauled off the mountain.

Watch a demonstration on how well these dryers work.

A dishwasher was installed in Smoky’s Pub, allowing Brundage Mountain to purchase 660 re-usable plastic cups instead of using only disposable cups. This  reduced resort-wide disposable cup usage by 7000 cups.  This also results in fuel savings, because the reusable cups only need to be hauled to the mountain once for delivery, not a second time for disposal.

Brundage Mountain also added clearly-marked recycling bins in its primary food and beverage facility and committed itself to sorting all trash for recyclables. Brundage recycled six tons of material and these combined efforts resulted in a 20% trash reduction over the previous year.