National Safety Week Jan. 15-21, 2011

Events for Safety Week January 15-21, 2011                 National Safety  Awareness Week - January 15-23, 2011

Every morning Jan. 15 – 21 a new trivia question will be posted on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

E-mail answers to to enter a drawing for a full ski or board tune at our tune shop Fall Line Tunes.  Only correct answers will be entered, but if you answer all seven questions, you will be entered seven times. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

For more information on Safety Week visit  the National Ski Area Associations website here.

Sunday Morning Jan. 16 & Monday Morning Jan. 17, a new trivia question will be posted on the white board on the Blue Bird lift.  Guests giving correct answers to safety trivia questions will receive a mini candy bar.

All week long in Brundage Mountain Resort Kids Center,  a kids coloring contest will illustrate the Responsibility Code and Smart Style. Four winning posters will be chosen and entered in the NSAA national contest.

Today’s trivia questions is:

What are the four main messages associated with Smart Style?

E-mail your answer to

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