Introducing: "The Big Easy" Terrain Park

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January 14, 2011 by

Who doesn’t want to explore a brand new playground this holiday weekend?

We’re excited to announce the opening of “The Big Easy” today!

This terrain garden is located on Easy Street. It’s designed to give beginners of all ages new ‘sensations’ on the snow and to give them their first taste of terrain features.

It’s hard to see the magic from the top of Easy Street, but come closer and you’ll get the feeling.

The park is designed with gentle rolling features down the middle, and more pronounced features on the edges.

As skiers and riders explore the garden, they start to ‘get the feel’ as the snow surface curves and slants.

Explorers can easily choose which features to roll over, and which to pass by.

The mellow pitch of Easy Street naturally prevents speeds from getting too high.

And, it’s a very comfortable environment for families. No high-speed traffic whizzing by. (Not to mention, as a non-park-proficient 30-something, I thought the features were REALLY fun.)

What parent doesn’t want to share experiences like this with their kids?

Just because this park is smaller, don’t think for a minute that the action is any less exciting. Check out this guy as he flies toward a feature…

With each run, he got more comfortable with the bumps. After a while, he started turning them into little jumps.

No fear of a “big landing” here…

The slope is gentle and gradual.

We saw kids of all ages in the park, trying new things –

Getting creative on their skis and boards….and clearly progressing.

It’s a great place to practice skills like the “Ollie”, which become essential on larger terrain features.

The variety of features makes it a great place to practice a number of skills and moves.Once this skill is mastered, dropping into a half-pipe is a piece of cake.

So whether you’re a little kid, or just a kid at heart…

trying to get comfortable in the air…

or just pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone…

Be sure to check out “The Big Easy”…because it’s not just big and easy, it’s full of fun!

– April