Three Feet in Three Days

The Best Snow in Idaho, three days in a row with a sum total of three feet. What more could we ask for!! Epic, stupid deep, amazing, awesome…just some of the adjectives people have given to these conditions.

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  1. Zero says

    The report I’ve heard is that the snow was very technical – Sierra Cement. Fun for the first few trips down the hill but increasingly challenging.

    Can someone comment on how the snow fared after a day of cold temps?”

    • says

      Hi Zero –
      I don’t think I would characterize the snow as being as THICK as Sierra Cement. At one point, it was so soft and deep you really needed to be on a steep run to avoid bogging down, because it was so deep, (not thick and heavy like coastal snow). The day after the super cool temperatures, that wasn’t such a problem. The powder was ‘cut up’ in many places so you could feel the bottom and was ‘freeze-dried’, too. I would love to hear what other skiers think, especially those who’ve skied in the Sierras or Cascades…

  2. Carl says

    I agree with April. I was up on Thursday, and the powder was deep and slow, but mainly because you sank in it. If you let your nose get down at all, it submarined in, and it was hard to get up. However, if you could hit it with speed, or had a steep section, it was great snow to be in. You really had to have your game on, because you couldn’t bleed the speed off without stalling.

    I learned in the Cascades, and this was much better snow than I ever saw there.

    I actually thought the hill became better as the day went on. The snow was slow on the groomed runs, but sped up a little as the day wore on. Some of the runs did get chopped up as the day went on, but they were still mostly soft, not the hard berms you get with cement type snow.

  3. Anne says

    Skied Mon., Tues. and Wed.- snow became more amazing and DEEP each day!!!

    I agree with April you needed to be on a run with a decent pitch keeping your tips up. We floated through it all day having pleny of fun on every run. (Actually reminded me of a couple experiences at Alta. Couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face for several days after!)

    It was a bit heavier than some snowfall around here, but not anywhere near the Sierra Cement I’ve skiied at Squaw and NorthStar…

    Brundage always delivers! XO

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