Best (Late) Snow in Idaho

8.5 ” of new snow in March is enough to bring spirits alive. Brundage Mountain is known for the Best Snow in Idaho. Here’s another reason why.


  1. When in doubt pin it out says

    This video only showed low angle terrain and no one got any time in the white room. Brundage has a lot more to offer you should show it off. My friends and I took full advantage of this 8-inch blessing, dropping cliffs and getting face shots top to bottom.

    • says

      Hi there –
      You are absolutely right about how much Brundage has to offer. Unfortunately, the videographer only had about 90 minutes to shoot video that day, and all that footage was taken on 3 runs. We wish we had more resources to devote to videos, but I think for showcasing what is possible in 90 minutes, it give you a good idea.

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