Making Memories at our First Summit CatTrack 10K

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August 11, 2014 by

CatTrack 10K 26013Whenever we bring a brand new event to Brundage, we always try to be ready for anything. That said, sometimes things happen we can’t predict! That was the case this Saturday as we welcomed dozens of runners for our first base-to-summit-and-back running event.

Things appeared to go smoothly for the runners, but there was a bit of drama right before the race began. The most memorable moment came three seconds before the start, when a bear came trotting across the bottom of Alpine, less than 50 yards from the race start.


In the starting photo you can actually see a couple people still looking up the slope toward the bear. (If that doesn’t make you want to run fast and stay with the pack, I’m not sure what does.) We wish we’d been able to snap of photo of the bear, but there are plenty of eyewitnesses to tell the tale for years to come.CatTrack 10K 03205

Other highlights of the race include the runners themselves: We had participants ranging in age from 12-64, and everyone who started the race, finished the race!

Jeremy Humphrey got first place with a time of 41:26 (that’s after running the Huckleberry Trot earlier that morning).

CatTrack 10K 07609

Annika Miller was the winning female with a time of 57:30.


Father/son team Chris (41) and Ryan (14) Weir, from Eagle, ran the race and crossed the finish line together.


Some of our other athletes were truly embracing the concept of the ‘fun run’

CatTrack 10K 40119


CatTrack 10K 38318


CatTrack 10K 36117



The complete list of race results is available here:

CatTrack 10K 30216

We hope you’ll give some thought to joining us for the 2nd Annual Summit Cat Track 10K next summer!

– April