Expose Your Kids to The Mountain Environment with the Brundage Explorer Day Camp

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July 31, 2014 by


Bring your kids up to join us this weekend for Brundage Mountain Explorer Camp!

Our Mountain Explorers have a great time hiking at the top of Brundage Mountain while learning about the rocks, animals, and plants that make this beautiful forest their home.  Since this is a new adventure offered by our Kid’s Center, you might be wondering what a day at Explorer Camp is like.

The group takes the Bluebird Express Chairlift to the top of the mountain with our experienced outdoor education specialists to have lunch and conduct a nature scavenger hunt.

The backdrop to our adventures is simply breathtaking.


Last week we found and identified a variety of wildflowers, rocks, birds, trees, animal tracks, and scat. (If you don’t know what scat is, you should come join us and find out!)


Working as a team, these two explorers figured out the types of rocks and birds they were finding!


You just might find a Peregrine Falcon or an Osprey if you look closely!



Each kid creates a field journal of their activities and a nature craft to remember their fun at Brundage Mountain.

Our next adventure starts at 10 am this Saturday, August 2nd with only two more after that on August 16th  and 30th.    You can find more information at www.brundage.com/kids.

Space is limited so please contact our Kid’s Center to make reservations at (208) 634-4151 x128, e-mail kidscenter@brundage.com or if you are calling mid-week, try calling Jenn at (208) 315-3110.