Lots to Celebrate


Our ‘Celebrate Family Day’ tradition continued today, but sharing good times with loved ones wasn’t the only thing we had to get excited about.

The snow gods dropped another three inches of fresh, DRY snow on the mountain overnight, the perfect amount to refresh our slopes and provide soft, forgiving turns.

We have now seen two feet of snow in the last four days, and for the first time in a long time, we also saw the skies clear up and the sun peek back through.

If you couldn’t be here today, we want you to know that we’re grateful that you make Brundage Mountain a part of your lives. And if you were here today, we know you’re celebrating these good fortunes right along with us:

– April



  1. Wayne says

    Hey April,

    Thanks for the awesome pics, looks like its been a great couple weeks! Seeing the snow helps cool me off as its certainly not winter here! Hope to be there soon!


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