Spring Snow Serves Up Some Smiles

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March 29, 2014 by

8inchesSaturdayThick 086016What gets you motivated to spend a day on the slopes? Are you a fitness buff? Looking for some family fun? A serious powder technician who strives to make every turn perfect?

No matter what your normal prerogative, today was one of those days that could put your ego in check.

Eight to 12 inches of fresh snow blanketed the mountain with a beautiful layer of white, but many people found today’s fresh stash to be a little more challenging than the light, fluffy powder to which we are accustomed.

8inchesSaturdayThick 008021

8inchesSaturdayThick 079017

Still, finding a nice steep line in the trees proved rewarding (with the added benefit of escaping the fog).

8inchesSaturdayThick 031019

And, in the absence of soft, effortless turns, a spirited approach…

8inchesSaturdayThick 251004


8inchesSaturdayThick 263003

And good sense of humor…

8inchesSaturdayThick 215009

Were key.

8inchesSaturdayThick 213010

Picking the right partners was especially important, as scenes like this…

8inchesSaturdayThick 195012

And this…

8inchesSaturdayThick 241005

Played out like a laugh track all over the mountain.

8inchesSaturdayThick 237006

A gentle reminder that spring snow can surprise us…

8inchesSaturdayThick 226007

8inchesSaturdayThick 212011

…and that a fun-loving crew is equally as important as the number of inches in the snowbox.

– April