Take A Little Time…

SargeantsSlushshoeing 015009It’s easy to get caught up in the moment or the task at hand, even when it comes to your leisure time.

We’re searching for the untracked lines, the prime spring snow conditions or rushing to catch up (or keep up) with our friends or our schedule.

Today, we’re reminded that fighting those urges can have huge rewards. Here’s a look at what we’re missing when we don’t take a little time to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us:

SargeantsSlushshoeing 003004

SargeantsSlushshoeing 006005

SargeantsSlushshoeing 008017

SargeantsSlushshoeing 011006

SargeantsSlushshoeing 012007

SargeantsSlushshoeing 013008

SargeantsSlushshoeing 015009


SargeantsSlushshoeing 018010

SargeantsSlushshoeing 020011


SargeantsSlushshoeing 021012

SargeantsSlushshoeing 025013

SargeantsSlushshoeing 026014

- April




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