The Spring Fling Has Begun

Brundage Snow Blog
March 22, 2014 by

SaturdayAirbagSunnySlush 144011

Despite a chilly start this morning, Spring Fever was running rampant at Brundage Mountain today.

We had the perfect combination of sunshine, fast, fun slopes, amazing views and some rare high-flying action from the US Airbag tour.

Slopes went from fast and firm to smooth and carvable to soft and slushtastic as the day went on. That turned smiles into giggles as outright silliness ensued.

If you weren’t here today, don’t despair. We’re expecting nearly identical conditions tomorrow. So strap on your best onesie, grab some friends and join the spring fling!

Airbag photos are courtesy of Sam Marvin Photography. If you’d like a larger version (free) you can contact Sam at

– April