Winter Roars Back to Life

SixInchSaturday 202005The month of March is coming ‘in like a lion’, just the way we like it. We woke up to six inches of fresh snow this morning, on top of two inches from yesterday.

The snow turned out to be just a little bit lighter and drier than we first expected, as you can see in the photos below. This storm surge is far from over; the experts tell us we could see one to two more FEET by Tuesday. Check out the forecast.

Don’t forget, crowds disappear when the weekend is over, so you may want to cash in some vacation days and join us early next week as we continue to believe in the wonders of Winter.

Click on any photo for a larger view

– April


  1. Wayne says

    What a great day April! Let’s hope March just keeps on roaring! BTW, you’re getting pretty stealthy with that camera…didn’t even know you got me this time 😉

    • April says

      I’m like the alpine paparazzi! Hiding behind trees and snapping shots from the chairlift :). The camera loves that yellow coat!

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