A Brilliant Change of Pace

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February 24, 2014 by

monday 046006If you follow this blog, you probably know that it’s been DUMPING FOR DAYS up here at Brundage Mountain. As much as we treasure the powder, today, we found inspiration in the warmth of the sun’s rays after six straight days of storms.

Virgin white snow is still poised on the tree branches and soft, sugary snow still blankets the slopes. But instead of a frantic rush for fresh lines, today, we slowed down to enjoy the almost-forgotten views. To feel the soothing vibration of the corduroy under our feet. To notice the sparkle as sunshine reacquaints itself with the snow surface. And, of course, to relish a few forgotten freshies found along our more whimsical, more wide-eyed tour around the mountain.

monday 008010

monday 014009

monday 020008

monday 051005

monday 084001

monday 068003

monday 058004

monday 073002

Enjoy the sunbreaks while they last, it looks like more snow is headed our way as soon as tonight!

– April