The One Constant

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February 13, 2014 by

face011This week we have had just about as many different snow conditions as we have had days of new snow fall.  Everything from cold smoke to cream cheese, the variety has been endless.

The one constant;  that we are getting snow, and only snow, falling from the sky.

The snow has come in abundance, 23 inches in the past seven days.  The forecast, while not quite as cold as we would like, is calling for more snow through the weekend.

All of this new snow has allowed us to groom more runs, such as Skid Row and Rodeo.

snow2-13-14 020002

Here are a few images of conditions on the slopes.

snow2-13-14 072010

snow2-13-14 033004



snow2-13-14 110013

Please be aware with snow piling up, the dangers are as well.  Be prepared and have the knowledge necessary to keep yourself safe.  Obey all signs and closures, ski within your ability and always ski with a buddy.

snow2-13-14 051007

Slide danger and tree well immersion should always be considered.

snow2-13-14 115014


snow2-13-14 129015

Be safe, see you on the slopes.