The One Constant

face011This week we have had just about as many different snow conditions as we have had days of new snow fall.  Everything from cold smoke to cream cheese, the variety has been endless.

The one constant;  that we are getting snow, and only snow, falling from the sky.

The snow has come in abundance, 23 inches in the past seven days.  The forecast, while not quite as cold as we would like, is calling for more snow through the weekend.

All of this new snow has allowed us to groom more runs, such as Skid Row and Rodeo.

snow2-13-14 020002

Here are a few images of conditions on the slopes.

snow2-13-14 072010

snow2-13-14 033004



snow2-13-14 110013

Please be aware with snow piling up, the dangers are as well.  Be prepared and have the knowledge necessary to keep yourself safe.  Obey all signs and closures, ski within your ability and always ski with a buddy.

snow2-13-14 051007

Slide danger and tree well immersion should always be considered.

snow2-13-14 115014


snow2-13-14 129015

Be safe, see you on the slopes.



  1. Diane Janzen says

    I am thankful for all the miuntain staffs hard work! However, a main complaint for many of us is the fact tha one major chair lift ( CENTENIAL)) is only being utilized 2 days a week. It has gone from being open 7 days/ wk, to 4 days/ wk to 3 days/ wk and now only 2 days/ wk. it isn’t even open on Presidents’ Day weekend for Friday and Monday which was also said ititially ( that it would be open holidays. Or not opening it when there is a powder day. As regular season pass holders for many years, I understand the need to be watchfull about the bottom line, but the money has already been spent on the lift and I would like to understand how a few more staff to run it can be that expensive. This is one of the main upsets as I listen to others, CENTENIAL should be open more. You may say it is possible to get back to the CENTENIAL side using z2 lifts but it is not easy, or fast and you get cold riding 2 lifts and then mostly skate ski and pole to get over to the far side. I really hope administration pays some attention and consideration to this request. Many of us enjoy the CENTENIAL side the best! I think it is a waste a a functional lift when it take 3 staff to run it and the cost of power. Please reconsider this as I know from being at the mountain that this part gets utilized far less because of your lift decisions.

    • April says

      Hi Diane –
      I have great news for you. We had already planned to run Centennial for the next 9 days. We do run it for all three days of each three-day weekend, (weekends plus holiday Mondays), as well as over the Winter Holiday. Next week, we are going to run Centennial each week day because we have a collegiate race on Alpine and we want to make it easier for our midweek visitors to access all parts of the mountain, even with Alpine closed. During that time, we also plan to track ridership to see if a significant number of our guests are riding Centennial. In the past, weekday ridership has been very low but we are willing to take a fresh look at it when the opportunity arises. I will also pass your concerns and suggestions up the line to upper management.

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

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