All You Can Eat Powder Buffet

kelly026Winter has finally arrived!  We were all wondering when, and if, it was ever going to get here.  Although a little late, it has brought with it some magnificent, light, fluffy snow to make up for it.

We have had 11 inches of snow last week, 15 inches of new snow this week and 9 to 21 inches forecasted through the upcoming weekend.

The slopes are in prime shape right now, every turn inspiring the next.  Effortless floating and gliding, creating a bliss that only a powder day can.  It is guaranteed to put a smile (and maybe a little powder) on your face.

Check out this photo gallery and picture yourself here, consider it inspiration and a nudge to make plans to come join us on the mountain this weekend.


See you on the slopes.



  1. Teresa Wade says

    Great looking snow Cory. Can you bag up some some freezer bag fulls and ship it to me? I guess in dry ice. I’ll pay you gor all your cost.

    I am a over the top ice eater but light, fluffy, poder snow sends me smiling all day. Ee had 1 snow fall without the dreaded ice amd i didnt get enouhg to last mw a day.

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