Inspiration Through Exploration

Brundage Snow Blog
January 24, 2014 by

Upon arriving on the slopes this morning,1 I felt I was at a loss for inspiration.  The cause: unknown. The solution: go find it.  As I booted up and contemplated which sunny slope I was going to hit first, I realized, maybe inspiration must be earned on a day like today.

Exploration. It was so simple.  Get off the beaten path and look in the places less traveled.  I decided to search out North-facing slopes in the trees.  Not just trees right off of the groomed runs, but deep into the trees.  The places that I was not sure where they led.


Not only did I find what I was looking for, but I also had one of the best ski days in the past two weeks.  My advice to you: go find it.  Get out there and explore. You never know what may come across your path and you may even locate your new favorite line.








Just remember to be safe, ski within your ability level, obey all signs and closures and ski with a buddy when diving into something unknown.  Of course, as always, smile and enjoy the ride.