New Firsts and Old Favorites

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January 18, 2014 by


We’ve got a lot to be excited about this holiday weekend.

The weather is beautiful, our groomed runs are in prime form and we’ve got lots of fun, happy people on the mountain!

It’s hard to focus in on just a few of the high points, but there are two things that stood out as extra special today. One is a ‘first’ and the other…one of our favorite Brundage traditions.

In the breaking-new-ground category, we debuted our new rail park on Kickback today, and what a sight it was.


There’s nothing better than hanging in the park on a sunny day and trying new things.


With a new location, aspect and pitch to the slope, the features feel fresh and new.


The park is on the sunnier side of the mountain and has some of the best views anywhere.


We’ll be adding more features in the coming days, so don’t miss your chance to check out the new vibe in the Kickback Rail Park.


We all love NEW thrills, but the other standout today was an old favorite. Tailgating in the lower parking lot has become somewhat of an art form here at Brundage. The barbeque brigade was out in full force today.

011814008We saw a lot of the traditional drop-the-tailgate spread.


And everything from the grab-any-seat-you-can-find approach…to the bring your own dining room:


Gear and technique proved key. My favorite was this set up. The slide-out platform that holds both grilling tools…and skis!!! (Is that an ascot?)


The ‘best bar’ award goes to the Bold Tigers. (They also had a propane heater, but didn’t need it today).


But for most people, the special touch was culinary class.


The special ingredients tucked under the cheese…


(or tucked in the snowbank)


Keeping it upscale

Everyone seemed to bring their own flare and flavor to the occasion.


Some tailgaters made a ski-in/ski-out location their priority.


Others, were clearly keyed in on color coordination (???)


But for tailgaters old and young…


Bode is ‘this many’

A little downtime in the lower lot was the perfect way to top a great day on the slopes.


– April