A Sparkling Outlook for the Holiday Weekend

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January 16, 2014 by

011614012As we head in to the long holiday weekend, we can’t help but get excited about what lies ahead. We’ve been enjoying a magical combination of sunshine and amazing slope conditions. We are definitely still reaping the benefits of the 27 inches of fresh snow that came our way through last weekend.

Groomed runs are smooth and silky, skies are clear and temperatures are comfortable.

We’re expecting these warm, welcoming conditions to continue right through the holiday weekend.

The best part??? We’re expecting temperatures to dip into the mid- to low-20’s every night, which is the key to keeping the slopes in top shape.

With a forecast like that, it’s hard NOT to smile.


Especially if you’re already in on ‘the secret’ like this happy crew.


The secret? Champagne corduroy that takes an edge like a dream.


The fantastic corduroy comes with added blue-sky-bonus.


We’ve been above the haze all day.


As I mentioned, conditions are expected to be just as magical all weekend long. Here’s a link to our forecast so you can check out the good news for yourself. As we mentioned, those dropping overnight temperatures are what allows us to keep the slopes smooth and silky.


What’s more, our park crew is hard at work setting our first features of the season in the Kickback Rail Park.


It’s hard not to get distracted by that view!


Or this one:


What an inviting sight.


For those who can head up Friday, we’ll be kicking off the weekend with live music in Smoky’s Bar & Grill at 4:00 pm…


So grab some friends and come join us as we live the good life…on top of the world.

– April