Storm Riding…For the Rest of Us

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January 11, 2014 by

powder1-10-13 013Yesterday, we showed you some video of a couple of our local shredders getting after it in the powder. As awesome as those images are, not everyone who loves fresh snow has the knowledge, skills or guts to seek out some of those lines.

But those of us with less finesse, fitness or fearlessness can still enjoy a stormy day on the mountain.

Today, 4 Simple Rules to Storm Riding…for “The Rest of Us”:

Rule # 1: Don’t sleep in.

011114001It’s not only the extreme powder aficionados who benefit from getting up early.

One of my favorite non-extreme moves is to surf the edges of the groomed runs for powder turns.


That way, you can get some serious freshies…

…but hop back on trail if the snow changes or your legs get tired.


Rule #2: Don’t underestimate the joy of powderoy.


There’s nothing as effortless and rewarding as gliding down a smooth slope with a couple inches of powder on top and just letting your skis ride the rails. (Note: adhering to Rule #1 will help you find the best powderoy).

Rule #3: Don’t let your ego ruin your day.

When the weather gets extreme on the summit…


Don’t be afraid to make some mid-mountain turns. (The Bear Chair is almost always a refuge from the wind and also a great place to find powderoy).


Or, if the snow off-trail is tracked or thicker than you’d hoped, don’t be afraid to hit the groomers.


Making smooth, creamy turns is a worthy pursuit.


A great way to sharpen your technique.


(Or rest your legs a bit while you decide your next move.)

Rule #4: Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

But please, bring a buddy

When you overhear those locals in the lift line talking about the sweet powder they found (and accidentally revealing the secret stash), you should probably give it a shot. Just be sure to bring a buddy when you venture off-trail.


Because rules are meant to be broken, but it’s easy to get in too deep.


Besides, powder days are always more fun with a friend.

– April