What’s New for the 2013/14 Winter Season

WNlooperBrundage Mountain will kick off the 2013/14 winter season with some exciting changes on the slopes, in the lodge and in the resort’s leadership.

Brundage welcomed President and Managing Director, Bob Looper in July. Looper has served on the Brundage Mountain Company Board of Directors since 2008 and previously spent nine years on the Board of Directors at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. Looper also has an extensive background in development, management and entrepreneurship. You can read more about his plans for Brundage here.

Skiers and riders tracking pre-season snowfall will be the first to notice big changes right here at www.brundage.com.

The snow report and home pages are being redesigned to better feature the site’s most popular content.

A more mobile-friendly responsive design will improve site-wide performance on all types of digital devices. We’d love to hear what you think of the new site, please feel free to leave a comment below.

WNbrushcutEarly season skiers and riders will appreciate Brundage Mountain’s on-going brush cutting efforts.

This year’s phase targeted the lower half of the front side runs, with significant trimming performed on Main Street, Lower Alpine, Griz, Badger, Red Fox, Bear, Lower 45th Parallel, Sensation, Celebration and Lower Temptation.

Trimmed slopes can be packed and groomed with less pre-season snowfall than untrimmed slopes, creating earlier prospects for opening day.

WNKickbackBrundage is relocating its main terrain park to Kickback and changing its approach to park construction.

The Kickback Rail Park will focus exclusively on box and rail features.

The elevation and aspect of the new location should allow features to be built earlier in the snow season than at the prior location and putting the park on the south side of the mountain will provide more sunshine and better photo ops for freestyle riders.

Inside the lodge, guests will notice some major changes to the third floor cafeteria, which will now be known as the Main Street Cafe. The serving space is being redesigned to provide a more convenient experience and reduce wait time on busy days. An expanded prep area will also allow our cafeteria to offer some fresh new menu items.

On the second floor, new ventilation equipment and updated fixtures will improve the sensory experience for those using the women’s bathroom.

We’ve got some other projects underway which we’ll be featuring on this blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

– April


  1. catherine douglas says

    I would like to encourage hiring a highly qualified terrain park designer . there are far to many injuries regarding the lack of common physics regarding all the terrain park features. eliminate the injuries and build it right.
    thank you,
    last years broken collarbone separated shoulder victim

    • April says

      Hi Catherine –
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We certainly hope you are healing well.

      Unfortunately, even the most skilled terrain park designers in the industry have concluded that there is no truly safe way to design jump features. I found this article to be particularly interesting: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/investigations/Terrain-Park-Jump-Safety-Concerns-187991391.html. There are many other studies that support that conclusion. In the meantime, the safety of our guests is our number one priority, and while we know some people will be disappointed with our change in focus, we have to put the safety of our guests and employees first.

      We do think there are some real pluses to moving to Kickback and building a rail park. We are confident that we will be able to build features earlier in the snow season than in the past, hopefully in plenty of time for Winter Break!

      • Corey says

        You mentioned some thing that is the biggest issue in advancing your park program and that would be having some “skilled park designers” from the industry. That article and your statement are very misguided and completely false. There are indeed best practices for making features correctly and safer.

        • April says

          Hi Corey – That’s not exactly what I said, I was just responding to Catherine’s suggestion about terrain park designers and pointing out that even the ‘best practices’ are not guarantees of safety.

          I don’t want to start an argument, but we have done quite a bit of research on this matter, and there are several scientific studies that have concluded that riders are TWICE as likely to sustain a spine or head injury inside a terrain park versus outside a terrain park, and that jumps (not rails) are the terrain park feature with the highest percentage of serious injuries.

          The most devastating jump-related injuries nearly always involve the jumper landing in an inverted position.

          These conclusions are from scientific studies performed at the University of Washington, University of Utah and the Colorado School of Mines.

    • Ryan says

      You can get the most qualified terrain park designer in the world, and still have snowbaorders get injured. RIDE WITHIN YOUR LIMITS.

  2. Laurel LeBlanc says

    Can’t wait for another great snow year at Brundage Mountain! Hope to nudge a few more powder days out of the clouds like we did last year… Loved the “2013 Brundage Day 2” video. Thanks for skiing with us!

    • April says

      It was our pleasure! It’s always great to meet the folks we chat with on this blog and on Facebook – especially when you travel so far to visit us each year. **Think Snow**

  3. Rick T. says

    Just more awesome pow (as usual). That’s all we need to make Brundage a wonderful ski hill. You guys do a great job!

    • April says

      Hi Warren –
      You can find the trail maps here: http://www.brundage.com/the-mountain/maps-stats/, or navigate to them from the homepage by clicking ‘On the Mountain’ then choosing ‘Trail Maps’ from the navigation box on the left side. We did move some things around to make our site more mobile friendly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for the compliment on the site!

  4. Diane Janzen says

    Sounds very good. Looks like there are some good things coming for our snow year here at Brundage. Eager for those powder days so let’s start praying for a GREAT snow year. Love the fact that you are doing more brush cleanup work. The new website seems good. It will always take some time to navigate it quickly, but that is our life of technology. Look forward to seeing all the staff again with hopefully an early opening date!

    • April says

      Hi Diane –
      I hope you had a great summer! We are excited to get the season started and hoping for some early snow. Don’t you think we’re due for some Thanksgiving skiing? Cheers – April

  5. Brett says

    Like the new look of the site. Noticed that there is not a link to the NOAA weather forecast on the snow report page. It is nice having that a click away to look into the snow potential.

    • April says

      Hi Brett –
      Thanks for taking the time to write in with your thoughts. Yes, we did rearrange things a bit. If you look toward the bottom of the snow report page, you’ll see the words “Mid-Mountain Weather Forecast”. That is a link that will take you straight to the NOAA site. Thanks!

      • Jim says

        Hooray for snow!

        The link for the mid-mountain forecast seems to be missing from the mobile website… I may just be overlooking it though, as it took me a bit to see the big red button for the snow blog. Keep up the outstanding work! Looking forward to my 2nd year with a Brundage pass!

  6. Colleen says

    You didn’t take the 10 cents per load dryer out of the women’s restroom, did you??? I’ve skied so many other hills and Brundage is the only one with that feature. So unique! Not that I see many people using it these days.

  7. wendy says

    I am looking forward to the “improved sensory experience” in the bathrooms almost as much as the powder. It has been rank in there for a long while.
    Colleen I use the drier it’s helped me stay out on those wet days otherwise I would have been headed home. I too hope it remains.

    I’m surprised at the choice of kickback just because that is the easiest terrain on Lakeview and has traditionally been the realm of weaker skiers who don’t have much else over there they can manage. I do see the advantage of taking some traffic over to Lakeview as it has been very underutilized. Will Lakeview still close as early if the terrain park is over there?

    • April says

      Hi Ladies – I will try to confirm whether the dryer is staying and get back to you on that shortly. We do plan to start grooming Springboard daily now (the run right next to Kickback) so that should be a good easy alternative for novice skiers. The hours on Lakeview will remain the same, which will allow our park crew and other employees to ‘sweep’ the mountain and safely return to the frontside before it gets dark.

  8. Jamie says

    I always relied on the weather forecast on your site which I think went off of NOAA for the exact location of the resort. The forecast for McCall differs too much to rely on for snow projections on the mountain. Any way that will return to the website?

    • April says

      Hi Jamie –
      Toward the bottom of the snow report page, there is a title that says “Mid-mountain forecast”. That is actually a pinpoint forecast for our mid-mountain level, even though the top of the NOAA page displays the current conditions for McCall. Just look down to where it lists the upcoming days and nights, you’ll notice to the right there is an elevation listed and it is for our elevation.

  9. Melinda Crawford says

    Looking forward to the best snow & the best crew in Idaho once again! We enjoy our time with our Brundage family & friends. You guys really spoil us!

  10. Amber says

    I’m looking forward to seeing at the upgrades in the women’s restroom. I have been very disappointed in the condition compared to other resorts. It was just one step above the porta poty.

    • April says

      Hi Amber –
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. It’s always great to hear that the improvements we make are important to people, and we felt it was beyond time for an upgrade to the ladies room. We’re so glad you agree!

  11. Chuck says

    Hey April! Really like the wensite’s new look. I have one suggestion for the mountain manager…how about grooming Race Course on a daily basis to take some pressure off the Bear run to give the beginner crowd a break when returning to Bluebird? It just seems that Race Course is under utilized and would offer another direct route to Bluebird access and the Lodge…?? We look forward to seeing your smiling face on the mountain. Thanks.

    • April says

      Hi Chuck –
      Thanks for the compliment on the new website, we’re so glad you like it! I will pass along your suggestion about Race Course. Think snow!

  12. Carolyn Kinslow says

    For the past 15 years, I have been traveling from Oklahoma to Brundage to ski with my sister and her family between Christmas and New Years Day — in spite of the deplorable condition of the second-floor ladies room. News that improvements have been made is cause for some serious celebration.
    Thank you!
    I’m thinking snow and looking forward to December 26th.

  13. April says

    Hi everyone – I wanted to bring you an update on the Women’s Room. Yes, the coin-operated dryer will remain. I do believe it takes quarters rather than dimes, but it’s a small price to pay when your gloves are soaking wet. (At least from my personal experience).

    • April says

      Hi Tim –
      Yes, Rodeo will be a regular run with no ropes. Centennial is slated to run Saturdays & Sundays plus all holidays. For the Winter Break period, we expect to run Centennial every day from December 21 – January 5.

  14. Jeff says

    Love Brundage – can’t wait till we get on the mountain and hit some of the best powder in the country…

    One comment about improvements; I was so excited when Smokey’s opened. However, when I realized parents and families get punished by sticking them in the back corner – I was really disappointed. Most of the time the time the “family” section is so packed it’s not worth going in – even if you are wiling to tolerate the lack of atmosphere. We have elected to simply have family friendly tailgate lunches in the parking lot.

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