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August 2, 2013 by

payettechildrensforestlogoIf you’re like me, you’re always looking for fun, affordable things to do outside. An exciting new program is making that pursuit easier (and more rewarding) than ever here in our area.

Brundage Mountain is proud to be involved with a cool new group called the Payette Children’s Forest. The PCF is less a ‘place’ and more a ‘concept’. The idea is to make it easy for families to tap in to all of the great outdoor offerings in our area.


What makes the program even more fun is that it combines some old-school concepts with high-tech tools, to help bring the generations together.

When I was a kid, scout programs were HUGE. We would search out new experiences and adventures to earn badges. (Back in the day, we would sew patches on a vest or shirt as we collected them.)


The modern version of this is to collect on-line, or ‘virtual’ badges for real-world experiences. (One bonus, no sewing!)

That’s the focus of the Payette Children’s Forest, and we’re excited to introduce TWO summer activities here at Brundage Mountain that will qualify your kids for a PCF badge.


#1.) EARN A “PEAKS” BADGE by taking a scenic chairlift ride to our 7,640 foot summit.


#2) EARN AN  “ADRENALINE” BADGE by mountain biking down at least one of our single track trails.

We suggest you start on Elk Trail if it’s your first time biking at Brundage.

What’s even better? Tell our ticket agent that you are collecting PCF badges, and you will receive a 20% discount off of single or full day lift tickets (age -17). Kids 6 & under are always free!

Starting August 23rd, we will also offer a 20% discount on bike rentals to youth 17 & under who are collecting PCF badges.

Our ticket agent will give you a sticker with an event code for either a chairlift ride or mountain biking. You can then go to and click on the ‘Badges’ icon to enter your code and earn a badge for this adventure!

That website also has information on the wide variety of adventure, educational and just plain fun outdoor activities and events that are available to families and kids in our area.

We hope you’ll check it out and come play in the woods soon!

– April