The Inside Track = A New Ride

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July 16, 2013 by

071613018As you know, we always try to give our loyal followers a little bit of extra insider info about the exciting things happening here at Brundage.

If you are a downhill mountain biker, we’ve got a treat for you.

Our summer trail crews have been hard at work ‘resurrecting’ a half-mile stretch of trail, and adding brand new features that you can enjoy AS SOON AS THIS WEEKEND.

That’s right. While the hard-working crew will continue to add things to the trail all summer, you can check out the main highlight starting Friday.

This new trail shoots off the lower part of the Hidden Valley trail. From the intersection, you can just see the first cool, new feature.071613001A wooden ramp takes you to the top of a giant boulder…


…for a transition to an even longer down-ramp.


Our crews have the big pieces of the structure already built.


Today, they were busy securing the slats and cleaning up the approaches and exits.


After this first fun feature there is another half-mile of trail to enjoy.


The route winds through a mostly shady part of the forest, on what was once part of our popular Elk Trail. (A logging project a couple years back prompted us to re-route that section and also allowed us to take out an intersection between our novice and advanced trails).


But even long-time Brundage riders who might remember this stretch of trail will get some surprises.

071613014Our crews expect to have this log re-worked into a brand new log ride by the time the lifts re-open on Friday. And even though this newly-refurbished trail might be a bit rough in spots, it is definitely ride-able (and not that big of a commitment).

071613015After a half-mile, it re-joins the Hidden Valley trail in this little meadow.


Putting riders back on a more familiar track. New tweaks and features will be added to this trail as the summer progresses, but our goal is to have it open every weekend for riders to enjoy.

How to Find It:

Part way down Hidden Valley, there’s a flat section with a big boulder at the end.

071613002At the boulder, the trail dog-legs left.


You may notice several bright yellow “Ski Area Boundary” signs off the right hand side of this stretch of trail.


The trail straightens out some and pitches downhill a little bit.

071613005And just before it flattens out again, you’ll be able to spot our temporary trail marker on the left side of the trail.


The marker is on the left, but the trail veers off to the right.


You should be able to spot the first wood ramp from the intersection.


This weekend’s visitors will be among the first ever to hit this stretch of trail. After you do, we’d love to hear what you think of it!

– April