Brundage Mountain Welcomes New President

BobLooperBrundage Mountain is pleased to announce current board member Bob Looper as President and Managing Director of Brundage Mountain Resort.

Looper has served on the Brundage Mountain Company Board of Directors since 2008 and previously spent nine years on the Board of Directors at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

“After a nationwide search with dozens of highly-qualified applicants, the Board decided the best person for the job would be Bob Looper, given his broad business, engineering and ski industry experience,” said Judd DeBoer, Chairman of the Board.

“I am grateful to the DeBoer family for the opportunity to expand my role on the Board to include management of the resort,” said Looper. Brundage Mountain is owned by the Judd and Diane DeBoer family.

Former President and General Manager, Rick Certano, retired June 30 after eight very successful years with Brundage Mountain.

“Brundage has a stellar management team which has guided the resort through some tough economic times and a few challenging snow years, but always seems to keep the customers smiling,” said Looper. “I’m excited to work even more closely with that team to move the resort forward.”

Looper’s primary goal is to upgrade and expand facilities while keeping the resort affordable for families and skiers who traditionally look to Brundage as the best skiing value in the Pacific Northwest.

“Maintaining the uncrowded slope experience at Brundage is a priority,” said Looper.

“Developing year-round activities will also be a growing part of the Brundage Mountain mission,” added Looper. “McCall is a year-round resort town, and Brundage will continue to expand summer recreational opportunities on the mountain.”

Looper brings vast technical experience in ski area construction and management to the position. In addition to serving on the Bogus Basin Recreational Association’s Executive Committee, he was hired as project manager for the 1996 Bogus Basin expansion plan, which included installation of the Deer Point quad, the Coach chairlift and the beginners’ area.

Looper is a founding member of US Solar Holdings LLC. He is also a principal of Summit Energy, LLC.

Looper graduated from Colorado State University in 1978 with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. He and his wife, Kitty, have a home in McCall as well as Boise. They have three adult children, all avid skiers or snowboarders.


  1. Glenn Barrett says

    I hope he is into building a better park with jumps and jibs n stuff for the kids to rock. Good luck Mr. Looper, you have a great mountain to run!

  2. Alex says

    Hi Bob. Congratulations on the new gig. I grew up learning to ski at Brundage and proudly skied there for my 35th year this Christmas. I LOVE the snow, the staff, and the general lack of long lines. I have but three asks.

    1. Address the bathrooms. They consistently smell like my old fraternity. I know a bathroom is still a bathroom, but I’ve skied many places and Brundage consistently wins the award for the worst smell. By a long shot.
    2. Improve the food. It used to be much better and I’d regularly eat there. Now I ski a long morning and leave the mountain to eat. I think you’d rather my money stayed on the hill.
    3. More terrain. The new(ish) chair opened some fabulous terrain; so much that it makes me only want more. I realize this is the expensive ‘ask’, but a guy can dream.

    Good luck! I’m pulling for you.


  3. Chris Ellesmere-Jones says

    Congratulations Bob! Would love to see a chairlift expansion to the north as it would definitely open up some needed expert terrain.

  4. says

    Hi everyone – thanks for taking the time to write in and share your thoughts.

    I did want to address some of your specific comments, especially about expanding terrain, since that came up twice.

    We are eager to add the new chairlift that we are permitted for as soon as it’s financially feasible. The great thing about having Bob as our new president is that he has already been an integral part of the board for five years and has put a lot of thought into the future of Brundage. The bathrooms have already been a fresh topic of discussion, as well.

    I also wanted to address the food quality issue. I’m curious about whether you tried our food this past season, specifically. We have a new staff and a new menu in Smoky’s, and the comments from people who used that facility this past season were wildly positive. We also upgraded to higher-quality products on the third floor, including exclusive use of Double R Ranch beef products in all venues.

    Naturally, everyone’s taste in food is different, but I made it a point to try almost everything on the Smoky’s menu this past season. I was very pleased with the flavors and also the use of fresh ingredients.

    I also noticed the difference in the burgers and buns upstairs and repeatedly sampled the house-made soups of the day. There was a time when I, too, brought my lunch every day, but for me, the difference has been so noticable that I routinely treat myself to a Smoky’s meal or a cafeteria snack instead.

    We would be happy to hear from anyone who has specific suggestions on what kind of food items they would most like to see in any of our venues. As I said, we have a new F&B staff and they are very focused on ‘bringing back’ some of the guests who were dissatisfied in the past.

  5. Kristen (Looper) Fields says

    Congratulations Dad! My dad and our family have loved Brundage for years and skied there faithfully every season. I personally think that Brundage is gaining a huge asset with their new managing director and the mountain could not be in better hands! My dad loves McCall and Brundage and has only their best interests in mind. He is capable of anything and has ideas for everything!
    Looking forward to ski season!
    (really enjoyed the Brundage Stew last year)

  6. Doyle's says

    We don’t spend much time in the bathrooms, so concentrating all resources on the new lift would be great!! Hi April

  7. t im * says

    There is NO bathroom worse than a ski area in eastern Washington that I mercifully will not name. That being said….dealing with bathrooms at ski areas that are in holding tanks OR long exterior drain fields has been a problem since resorts were developed.

  8. Ryan Smith says

    As a patron over 15 years, I have some things to contribute… Brundage is a local mountain and I sincerely hope it doesn’t turn into a Sun Valley-esque fancy mountain. I really hope condos are not built on the mountain, which is not really feasible without dramatic damage to the environment due to the water issue.

    Furthermore, let’s get a park built and maintained. The kids love it, it’s good for the mountain.

    My family and I love Brundage and look forward to riding this year.


  9. peter winterfeld says

    I have just purchased tickets for the third year for a winter Mt Brundage vacation – although I have been skiing Mt Baker for a life time (58years) and Whistler since it opened, it is a pleasant change skiing your mountain – we found that the food was tasty and the service was friendly and the skiing was superb. What more can you ask for – other than a few powder days.

    • April says

      Hi Peter –
      We’re glad to hear you’re so happy with the time you’ve spent here. If we get the nice, powdery winter you’re hoping for, it might just blow your mind!

  10. Greg says

    I don’t ride park really anymore, but there is a large demographic of skiers and snowboarders that spend alot of time there. If I understand correctly, the park will be comprised of only rails and boxes. This is unattractive for the park rider, there needs to be jumps in a park. You will be losing many patrons from the boise area due to the scared or cheaper operating tactics proposed for the season. Sun Valley is only another 30 min away from boise and they realize the benefit of investing into a proper park. During the season, if there hasn’t been any new storms, the snow would most likely be undesired to be ridden off trail. This is when parks are ridden, this is when you will be really seeing visits drop. The pow is great at brundage, but when it is gone, that is when a proper park will keep customers returning, regardless of snow conditions. You could save the money that you would be putting into the park for other projects, but there is a great chance that the impact from patrons being unhappy with the park changes would negatively outweigh the financial benefits from being cheap in the park.

    • April says

      Hi Greg –
      You make some great points. Unfortunately, a mountain the size of Brundage can’t afford to try to be everything to everyone, like some of the larger resorts with higher prices and more volume. That said, we are always looking at the changes we make and evaluating their greater impact. We are committed to the rail park for this season, but we will definitely be watching its usage closely and seeing how it impacts our overall guest satisfaction. Please remember that economics is only one factor in this decision, the safety concerns are well documented and are very real to us as a locally-based family-owned business.

  11. Robert P. Franz says

    I am 72 yrs old and have a home in McCall along with a Brundage season pass. I do not ski the steep and deep any more but love the long smooth groomers there. I do however realize that more accessible expert terrain would be good for the younger hotshots and they would not be hampered by us old duffers plodding along on the intermediate groomed runs. In order to make Brundage a true destination resort some type of slope side resort hotel will be needed but the economy may not support that at this time. Therefore concentrate on expanding available ski terrain and some upgrades in the lodge. We do not need grand piano wine bars however.

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