Top 5 (and a half) Reasons to Head to Brundage This Weekend

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June 27, 2013 by

Blog002The mountain is buzzing with excitement as we get ready to launch our summer operations. The BlueBird High-Speed Chairlift will be open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm starting tomorrow. (We’ll also be open Thursday, July 4).

We know it can be tough to choose between all the fun things there are to do in and around McCall, but we’ve got FIVE compelling reasons why you should include a trip to Brundage in your weekend plans.

#1 – Bike trails are in top shape – the combination of an early spring melt, a bit of rain this week and the hard work of our trail crews mean our bike trails are riding better than ever.


One of our top product testers, Jared, rode parts of Elk Trail, Growler and Black Bear Loop today to give our weekend guests a preview.


He’s been an avid rider here for years and says if there was ever a time the trails were riding better – he can’t remember it. He says trails are
“dark with moisture and slightly tacky, but not wet. Super smooth, no dust, great ride, tons of fun.”

#2 – It’s fun to try new gear – We’ve got a sweet fleet of rental bikes this year, including six brand new Giant Glorys and six brand new Reign IIs which we’ve added to our downhill and cross-country favorites from last year. That means you’ll find a wide variety of  top-of-the-line equipment from Giant Bicycles for the grown ups. We also have a great selection of Kona bikes for younger riders, so check out our shiny new fleet on your next visit.


#3 – The view is spectacular – No matter the season, you can’t beat the views from the top of Brundage Mountain.


What’s even better? During the summer months you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings while you ride up (and back down) on the chairlift.


If you get off at the top and do a little exploring, you may also spot a colorful array of wildflowers.


(Insider’s tip: They are blooming about three weeks ahead of schedule this year, so don’t delay!)


#4 – You can still enjoy the lake – (from a different perspective).


We all love a little beach time, but when the crowds get too thick or your skin gets a little too pink, you can head up here and find a DIFFERENT way to enjoy the lake. You’ll relish the quiet moments as you look down on all the action from a high-altitude viewpoint.

#5 – It’s cooler up here – and speaking of high-altitude, it’s cooler up here. The forecast is calling for some sizzling temperatures the next several days and one great way to beat the heat is to head for the hills. Not only is it several degrees cooler at this altitude, but you’re likely to pick up a refreshing breeze as the BlueBird Quad whisks you up and down the mountain.


And reason #5.5 – If you’re able to join us Friday, you’ll be helping a great cause. We’re holding a food drive as part of our Grand Opening Celebration, with all proceeds going to the Heartland Hunger Resource Center, a non-profit group that helps feed those in need. We are offering FREE lift rides, but we do ask that those taking a ride bring a can of food or $1 to donate. You can learn more about Friday’s event here. If you can’t make it up Friday, we hope some of the other reasons we’ve listed will inspire you to visit soon.

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