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April 30, 2013 by

BillDoyle1Here’s another great story about the joy of sharing our love for skiing. This one comes from a visitor who travels a long way to get here each season, and who isn’t afraid to bring his loved ones along for the ride:

My niece and her family (husband and two children under 17) live in Upstate New York and ski at a small resort in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.  At a celebration of her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary,  I tabled the idea of skiing out West.  They loved the idea and were convinced once I provided details of Brundage and McCall.  They were able to take advantage of your early season Select Cards offer, and affordable lodging in McCall.

We spent their Spring Break (Feb. 16 -23) at Brundage.  The snow conditions were initially below average by Brundage standards, yet they felt it was “awesome”!  We had just a marvelous time, skiing every day in conditions that gradually improved to excellent.  (You mentioned the Friday/Saturday great snow conditions in one of your previous blogs).


I felt great satisfaction with introducing them to Western snow conditions, something I was fortunate enough to experience some 15 years ago.  Equally satisfying to feel was their delight with Brundage.  Their son has told me they are planning a return visit for next year.

I had a great week sharing my love of Brundage and McCall with them, knowing how wonderful their first experiences would be.

Already dreaming of next season.

Best regards,
Bill Doyle

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