Near the Finish Line

SNOWSTAKEAs the season winds down, nothing feels better than a sudden surge of energy to help us cross the finish line.

That’s exactly what we got today as 6-8″ of fresh snow lined the slopes with a creamy layer of fresh snow.

We’ve been holding the line with our slope conditions after a 14 day stretch with no fresh snow. (It’s been 41 days since we got more than 6″ in a 24 hour period).

We’re not sure yet if the weather will line us up for Bonus Weekend operations (more on that in a moment).

But as our guests stood in line patiently this morning, one thing was certain: they weren’t going to take any chances.


After some technical difficulties moved the line over to Centennial (thanks for your patience, everyone)…


We were treated to a wintery scene as we headed up toward the tree line.


It wasn’t long before the first riders plunged straight in to the fresh snow and straight down under the lift line.


040713hTracing a fine line in the soft creamy snow.


The key to success in this creamy spring powder was to keep your tips straight down the fall line.




The most direct line from top to bottom was on the groomed runs, which were also soft and creamy without crossing the line into the ‘heavy’ zone.




On the lower slopes, we found the kind of snow that challenges your muscles as you head back down toward the lift line.


As much as we enjoyed the change of pace brought by this fresh snow, we’re not sure yet, where our storyline will go from here.

We haven’t ruled out operating next weekend. The big question: Will warm temperatures outlined in this week’s forecast allow us to hold on to this new snow?

We’ll be watching slope and weather conditions closely over the next few days, and we plan to drop a line about our decision no later than Wednesday afternoon.

- April



  1. Wayne says

    What a great day today! What a nice spring surprise…now lets just hope those temps stay low and we’ll see you next weekend!

  2. Bonus! says

    The forecast looks chilly at the base…please get the “big boss man” to make a decision so people can make plans for the weekend!

    • says

      Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your input, it always helps to get a sense of our skiers/riders’ feelings and availability. As we’ve said, we plan to make a decision by Wednesday afternoon and will share that on the Snow Report page, Blog, Homepage and our Facebook page. If we had a deeper base (the kind we have during years when we are open into May) this would not be such a tricky decision. We do appreciate your patience, understanding and support.

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