Brundage Mountain is Now Closed, Thanks for a Great Season


closedbannerBrundage Mountain is now closed for the 2012/13 Winter Season.

Regrettably we will not be operating for any bonus weekends.  Although we have had 8 inches of new snow fall this past weekend, temperatures have been above freezing in the base area during the day.  With the forecast not looking promising, the new snow will have receded by this weekend.

As you can see from these photos, a diminishing 8″ is not going to keep us covered.




Base Area

Base Area


Bottom of Jammer

Bottom of Jammer



Lower Bear

Easy Street

Easy Street



Main Street

Main Street




We want to thank all of our guests and employees for making it one of our most memorable seasons yet. We plan to be open for summer chairlift service on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays starting June 28, conditions permitting.

-The Brundage Family


  1. Wayne says

    What a heartbreaker! Thanks for providing a great season in spite of all the curve balls that ma-nature threw at us! Will be looking forward to seeing our “Brundage Family” next year!

  2. What the ...? says

    Been a VERY good season as Brundage began about the middle of December and the pow came at just the right intervals CONSIDERING the overall snow fall was almost 100″ shy of average.
    Kudos to the groomers for maintaining an excellent piste with what they had !!

  3. Dave Crawford says

    Thanks to everyone at Brundage Mountain for another fun and memorable family ski season! We truly appreciate the hard work you all put so we can enjoy our time off. Still not diggin’ the wall, though ;). See you next season!

  4. Firsttimeseasonpassholder says

    Not much respect for season passholders. Don’t insult us by showing a few brown patches. 80-inch snow depth at the summit??? Bogus stayed open with much less snow. Sure, there were some brown spots, some runs even closed, but morning skiing was still good. At least tell us the truth: Not enough daily ticket sales to justify being open. This is purely a financial decision, not a snow decision. You should be showing us photos of last weekend’s daily-ticket receipts. Then everyone would totally understand why you made your decision.

  5. fred says

    Thanks for a great season! We had 2 weeks of unforgetable skiing for our entire family! Looking forward to 2014! Thanks Wayne, Scotty, Tom & Tom(lift operators, Jared, April, and the rest of the crew who make this place our favorite destination ski resort! See you next Feb!
    Fred, Laurel, Abby & Luc LeBlanc
    St Paul, MN

  6. Hugh Jass says

    Aw man,
    This was going to be my opportunity to ski at Brundage for at least 2 days. I purchased my pass, and then we rented out our house to a nice couple who got in 60 days. They just moved out and I was psyched to use my pass at least once this year. Oh well.

  7. RickT says

    Another great season. I only ski on fresh snow days and I got my 30 days in, so it was a good year. Thanks to all the Brundage employees!

  8. Firsttimeseasonpassholder says

    and, it appears unless you leave a positive comment, it won’t get posted. I guess we know now how right I was. This was strictly a financial decision and had nothing to do with snow. Also, Only 6 comments posted????!!!! And all flattering???? Brundage, I have revered you since first skiing there in 1989. It’s time to take my comments Internet-wide.

  9. Bob says

    I was up there on Sunday and , I believe, its not as bad as your saying. Rode the lift with one of the Bid Wigs and got the impression it was all about numbers…. So if the walkup customers dont show in adequate numbers they’re not going to keep the hill open for the season pass holders whose $$$ you allready got. That sucks. Bogus ran thier season with half what you have now. Yes changes had to be made, but there is plenty of coverage on the backside as well as Engen and 45th. Not everbody skis Main St and North! Im P.O.d!

  10. bob says

    Talk about censorship. I guess this blog is only for happy, greatful comments. Oh thank you Brundage MTN. For taking our money and closing too early!!!

  11. RJ says

    I heard the snow looked good till the 15th! I purchased a 3day pass and was looking forward to ONE more great day. bummed Hello Sun Valley!

  12. lefty mcclellan says

    Came from northern Calif. and skied a few days two weeks ago. I have skied alot of areas and truly had agreat day at Brundage. I will be back….

    • says

      Hi Everyone – I apologize for the delay in getting your comments posted. I was out of town at an educational training and my technology had a melt down. We do apologize to everyone who is disappointed in our choice of closing dates. We value all of your feedback, even when it’s not flattering. We were certainly not trying to insult anyone by showing those photos or to conceal any of the factors contributing to our decision.

      Those of you who have written here are obviously highly interested in the factors behind our decision, so I will try to shed some more light on that. The truth of the matter is that when we have brown spots showing and an uncertain forecast, the conditions become unsafe for some and uninspiring for others. Continuing to operate benefits fewer and fewer of our visitors (day ticket visitors who don’t come as well as 96%-97% of our season pass holders who have clearly lost interest).

      Part of the impact of the snow conditions we tried to show everyone is that they create a situation where it actually costs MORE than normal to stay open. We had 5″-8″ of wet snow over warm slush, with a base that was beginning to ‘rot’ from the bottom out. That causes our snow cats to drop through the snowpack while attempting to groom the slopes. Multiple passes are required to get what we consider a ‘skiable’ product. This equates to a lot of extra time and fuel which means we are incurring extra expense for the benefit of very few.

      Again, we apologize to those who are disappointed that we are not still open. We are thankful that you take the time to share your thoughts so that we can factor in your perspectives if we find ourselves in this unique situation again in the future.

      Our goal is always to spend our limited budget in a manner that benefits the largest number of our loyal patrons.

  13. ThenGoSkiBogus says

    Of course we’re all disappointed that Brundage closed… I’m disappointed even when we close in May… Guess what? Skiing is a SEASONAL sport, and ski resorts operate to MAKE MONEY… Hopefully this isn’t a surprise to anyone! And for those of you comparing the conditions at Bogus to Brundage, these are 2 totally different products… please feel free to go ski Bogus next year, the rest of us won’t miss you!

    Thanks for another great year guys, wish it could have been longer! I’m sure you do too!

  14. says

    Nice job to all the Brundage staff. You really are all professionals in the best sense of the word. Now April you can sleep in to 7AM. This is our 13th year since retirement and each year gets better and better.
    Its so sad to read those sour grape notes they truly don’t realize how nice they have it.Have a nice summer Brundage staff. Later Dean

    • says

      Thanks, Dean! I have been thoroughly enjoying my 7 am wakeup call and will pass your thanks along to all of our staff. Your support means the world to us all.

  15. Firsttimeseasonpassholder says

    Thanks, April, for giving us the real reason. That’s all we really wanted. Even the brown spots causing unsafe conditions can be taken care of simply by roping the areas off, or even closing a run or two. But, as you say, it really boils down to costs. As I said, I have revered your mountain and town for 20 plus years now, and bought my first season pass (Bogus holders/first timers) after moving back to Boise in February. I understand the economics of closing, but seeing all that great snow and skiing going to waste was difficult, especially with the weather this week! But I’ll be back bright and early next season and singing your praises again. Have a great summer!

  16. Next year! says

    CCCOLD and sunny weather with fresh snow! Looks like some people are still having fun on the slopes by looking at the Mtn Cams. Stick with it and stay open a few more weekends next season.

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