Spring Medley

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April 6, 2013 by

IMG_4012_0135aWe truly have a little bit of everything going on today at the mountain.

We got another inch of fresh snow on the upper slopes, which meant the freshie patrol was out early hitting those cream-diggity upper mountain turns.

Some adventurous spirits struck out on their own.IMG_4027_0149d

Others, stuck close to their friends. And with a healthy dose of morning fog, that was a good strategy.


Luckily, our season pass holders are invited to bring a friend for free today and tomorrow, so the buddy system is no problem. Learn more.

We’ve had periods of light showers. We’ve seen a few raindrops and a few snowflakes. We saw some afternoon sunbreaks to add to the mixture.


Strangely, some of the best runs on the mountain are down low where the moisture content made the groomers sort of quick.


Overall, it’s pretty creamy today.


Moisture management is key. Skies are clear enough to keep us warm and dry on the outside.

But throwing a bit of fresh wax on the bases is highly advised.


So is a stop by Smoky’s or the SideStash Cafe – where beer is on sale. Pitchers are just $10, cans and pints only $3.


Tomorrow’s forecast could make this Spring Medley even more interesting. How much snow will it take to boost the ranks of the freshie patrol?



Only springtime will tell.

– April