Corn, it is not just for dinner anymore

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April 2, 2013 by


Wikipedia defines2 skiers corn snow as, “Coarse, granular wet snow. Most commonly used by skiers describing good Spring snow. Corn is the result of cycles of melting during the day and refreezing at night.”; “corn snow n. Snow that has melted and refrozen into a granular surface.”

At Brundage we define it as, “The next best thing to powder.”

It has been a Spring skiers paradise at the mountain.  Freezing temperatures in the morning giving way to temperatures in the 50s by the afternoon.  The freeze thaw cycle has been transitioning the slopes from firm and fast into carvable corn.  Here are a few images that tell the entire story.


bw cord

Changing this photo to black and white illustrates the granular consistency of the snow.

alpineBeautiful Alpine in transition.


Prime time!

ski close upThere you have it.  Spring skiing, second only to powder skiing.

Come on up and feast on the bounty of tasty corn snow.