We've Had Crazy Daze Before, But This Was the Craziest!

0331139068Was it the sunshine? Did the warm weather start going to people’s heads? It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for certain: this year’s Crazy Daze celebration was more action-packed than ever before.

Tons of people showed up in costume and 83 brave souls took a shot at this year’s Pond Skimming championship.

The photos below make up just a snapshot of the fun that was had across the mountain.

We want to thank our rescue divers and the Salmon River Brewery for supporting this event, but the true stars are the Crazy Daze fanatics who made our spring fling better than ever.

Thanks for coming, we’ll see you again next year!

– April

(You can click on any of the images below for a larger view).


  1. Jim Hudson says

    Hi April,
    I was one of the finalist (the oldest) in the pond skim event. It was a blast and I was surprised that I did that well, never had even thought about doing that. I skiied all last week, Tue – Sunday. and watched the pond being built and had a wild hair to try it.
    Anyway, would you happen to have any pic’s of the last 6 finalists. I’m the old fart in red swim suit/black tights. Also was wondering if there are any video’s. I saw last years was on YouTube.
    It was so much fun and I really liked the festivities of Crazy Daze – plan to be back next year.
    I also really like your blogs, especially the In it to win it – that’s me, and many other die hearts I’m sure.
    Thanks, your doing a great job.

    • says

      Thanks, Jim!
      I’m so glad you decided to participate! We DID shoot video and should have a nice compilation up on the site within the next couple days. We had a LOT of photos to go through (I think we shot 1200 that day), but I will take a second look and see if there are a few more of the young chap in the red swim suit and black tights. :).

      – April

    • says

      Hi JLZ – We sent you an e-mail about that at the address you provided with your log in. We are very sorry about the disorganization and the effect that had on the children and parents who were looking forward to it. We’ve had several discussions on how to ensure that next year’s event is better organized and executed.

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