March RADness Is Here

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March 22, 2013 by

032213018We’ve been pretty excited to launch our newest springtime event, the “Jump On It” Airbag Tour.

And we always get pumped up about fresh snow. Today brought those two forces of radness together for a wildly enjoyable TGIF treat.

We got another 2″ of fresh snow this morning, bringing our weekly total to just under a foot. That fortified our base, which is now 55″ – 92″. The snow was light and fluffy and created some of the best slope conditions we’ve seen in weeks.

032213004 (2)

Who doesn’t love a little layer of fluff over smooth, velvety slopes?

032213003 (2)

The corduroy was perfectly formed and forgiving, what we like to call ‘hero corduroy’.

032213008 (2)

Every turn, an absolute pleasure.

032213011 (2)

032213012 (2)

Off-trail, conditions were more variable but those willing to explore were rewarded with some enviable powder turns.


It was the perfect warm up to today’s base-area spectacle. The 50′ by 50′ airbag got pumped up (and got the crowd pumped up) early.


The giant cushion gave freestylers the freedom to try bigger and more challenging maneuvers than usual, without worrying about the need to stick the landing.


Anyone over the age of 12 can give it a shot (with a parent’s signature).


We had a couple ‘baggers’ today that were pushing 60, but even though we heard a few folks muttering “…I might be too old for this…” everyone we saw crawl out of the bag did so with a smile on their face.


And nearly everyone came back for more.


The Airbag Tour is here all weekend. You can purchase tickets on-site:

3 jumps for $10

10 jumps for $25

25 jumps for $45

And if you’re considering a trip, don’t forget we have a SECOND special event this Sunday, March 24. It’s ‘Gimme A Break’ Day, which means we’re giving free lift tickets to kids 17 & under. You can learn more about ALL of our exciting spring events by following this link to our event calendar.

We hope you’ll come join us for a little bit of March RADness… and feel free to check out some more photos in the gallery below. (You can click on any of the images for a larger view).

– April