The first day of Spring, Winter’s return.

March 20th, openthe Spring Equinox,  is a time of rebirth.  At the mountain, that is true.  The first day of Spring has given birth to a brand new Winter.

We have received three inches of new snow in 24 hours and it continues to fall on the slopes.




Check out this forecast for the rest of the week:




Welcome back, Winter!!

Here are a few highlights of conditions today:



As you can see, the snow is coming down in sheets.



Soft and forgiving slopes are inspiring.


We look forward to more snow and Winter’s epic return.

After all, Can’t Spring wait a little longer?



    • says

      Hi Blake, we did have some mixed precipitation at the base for a short time yesterday afternoon, but temperatures dropped considerably overnight. Thursday morning temperatures range from 9 degrees at the summit to 20 degrees at the base so what we’re seeing now is all snow and it looks like those colder temps will be here for a while.

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